Saturday, July 28, 2007


It's 62 degrees.

  • Saturday: Some sun possible, but showers and storms likely in the afternoon. Heavy rain possible in any storms. The heaviest activity should be south and east of Utica. High in the low 80s.
  • Saturday Night: Scattered showers and thunderstorms. Some clearing possible late. Low in the mid 60s.
  • Sunday: Sun and clouds with showers and storms possible in the afternoon, especially south and east of Utica. High: 83, Low: 63



There's a BIG YARD SALE on Barton Avenue!

And BIG HOP VINES at St. Bernard's Church! That little green roof that you can see at the top of the poles is - or was - a purple martin house set up there by Nancy Eastman in the Spring.

These vines, at the Historical Society, look as if they're going to pull the pole right over!

Don Brown's adding a nice little entryway at his home on Sanger Avenue.

I didn't receive an update from Patty Louise, bicycling in Canada, but I did get this E-mail with more about the old Borden Milk Plant!

" I enjoyed the writeup about the old Bordens plant. My dad worked there when I was a kid. On clear days, you could hear the milk cans being loaded and unloaded all over town. We used to play up on the beams when it was under construction, but one of the kids fell and got hurt badly, that stopped that game....

I used to go help my Dad pickup milk on the routes, (He used Steve Manion's big flatbed stake truck, about a 39 Chev.) I remember Doug Elliott's farm ( Nine Mile Swamp) He ( Doug) would lift the full cans up onto the truck with one hand , and never break a sweat.

Now we go to a gym to "try-to" stay in shape, and I forgot what I had for breakfast....... Respectfully ...gil condon

Thank You, Gil!


Friday, July 27, 2007




(that's my sister-in-law in Shirley, Massachusetts!)




It's 65 degrees and bright.

  • Today: Hazy, hot and humid with scattered afternoon storms. Any storm could be locally strong with gusty winds and very heavy rainfall. High in the mid 80s.
  • Tonight: Showers ending. Partly cloudy with areas of fog. Humid. Low in the mid 60s.
  • Saturday: Maybe some morning sunshine, but showers and thunderstorms likely after Midday. Heavy rain possible. High: 84, Low: 64


The first review is in: Missy Brouillette - with a big grin - announcing: "I finished it! (meaning the new Harry Potter) and it's WONDERFUL!"


Finishing Touches! Scallop shingles over the entryway and new lamps next to the door of the new Belfield Insurance Agency building..

Driving Northward on Rt. 12 - heading for Savicki's! - this pretty garden planted in the foundation of an old barn.

On Paris Green;

... and - on the way back to Waterville - this grand sight on Burkhurdt Road!

Recognize this cyclist?

I had E-mail from her, yesterday! Read on ......

"Bon Jour!" (she writes)
Hello all from beautiful downtown Old Montreal. After one of the hottest
days of biking - CBC radio raved all day how it hit 33! - I am comfortably
human and clean again in the bike hostel right in the old town. Yes, while
others have shelled out upwards of $200 to sleep right next door, I'm merely
down $22.50.

I've done 90 miles since leaving H2Oville Wednesday morning. 10 of those
were on the fantastic Burlington Bikeway in Vermont. The rest has been on
Route Verte 1, from Granby west to Montreal. Tomorrow I head east on the
north shore of the St. Lawrence toward, but not to, Quebec. The loop I'm
planning is 300 or so miles, if my kilometers to miles calculations are

Mostly a flat and hard dirt surface, interspaced with blessed pavement. The
60 miles today were tough after the first 30; not a cloud in the sky and
most of the trail is open. I stopped a couple of times for ice cream and
water. I am now about to go out and explore a bit of Old Montreal, with the
idea of dinner and cold drinks in mind.

I wrote this before I checked Flip's blog, so I hope all is well in
Waterville and points southwest of here. Stay well, everyone, and wish me
strong legs tomorrow.

(To be continued!)


Thursday, July 26, 2007


61 degrees.

It's Garbage Day!
  • Thursday: Hazy, hot and humid. There could be an afternoon thunderstorm, especially west of Utica, but most areas will remain dry. High in the upper 80s to perhaps low 90s in spots.
  • Thursday night: Partly cloudy and humid. Patchy fog. Low in the mid 60s.
  • Friday: Hazy, hot and humid with scattered afternoon storms, more numerous than the previous two days. High: 87, Low: 66

There will be lots to do around here, this weekend: the O-D sums it up! A WKTV story describes the opening of another section of the Canalway Bike Trail. For maps and more information, click this Canalway Trails link.


The first picture that I took yesterday was of the new "Home Shoppe" sign on Buell Avenue .....

... and the next was of THIS sign in the former Scerbo building!

A smaller sign reads "Now Hiring" and instructs those looking for employment to go to
the Subway website.

More noisy, traffic-slowing fixing and fussing went on on Buell Avenue and Rt. 315, yesterday, with topsoil being smoothed onto the newly graded shoulders.

Later, in the Park, the "flower lady" fussed over her wares .....

Lynn Curtis was manning Main Sreet Liquors' tent .......

"Serendipity" offered sweets ........

..... and vendor Dot McConnell was enjoying the day!


Just as I got in my car to leave the Farmer's Market, I spotted Don Brown working on his front porch and turned my camera on, again. But then I saw this fellow (above) and he saw me and even waved!



the first sign of Cardinal Flower on Loomis Road!


On Sally Road, between Hanover and Fuess-Cleary, there are lots of sunflowers blooming along the edge of - and even inside - a corn field!


I'll leave you with this gorgeous picture of Niagara Falls to look at. It was sent to me by Val Schenk, who spent last weekend playing tourist with her husband at Niagara-on-the-Lake.


And here's a small rumor -- remember: it's just a RUMOR! -- that "Macs" might reopen soon as a typical "diner!"


Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Wednesday morning

It's Recyclables Day!

and it's

from 1 - 7 in the Park


It's 55 degrees: not raining!

  • Wednesday: A mix of sun and clouds, warm and a bit humid. A hit or miss thunderstorm possible in the afternoon, primarily north and west of Utica. High in the mid 80s.
  • Wednesday night: Partly cloudy and a bit humid. Low in the mid 60s.
  • Thursday: A mix of sun and clouds with an afternoon storm possible. Hazy, hot and very humid. High: 87, Low: 67


When you're in the Park, this afternoon, take time to walk around the 1906 Watering Trough and admire Shirley Kellogg's "fountain" of flowers!

Mystery Solved!

The "Quonset Hut" belongs to the Stedman Family, of Tower Street, and that hill is where they will be building their new home!

What a great view!!

(Please click to enlarge!)

Liz Kane left this in my door, day-before-yesterday, along with a note saying that the committee is looking for vendors and, also, people to enter "Brew" and "Chili" contests!


The only time that I went out - yesterday morning - I forgot to take my camera, and then, right after lunchtime, roadwork/paving vehicles had me pretty-well blocked in. (But now the "shoulders" of the road have been filled in, and that's great!) The first thing that I'm going to take a picture of today is the new sign at the Treens' "Home Shoppe" on Buell Avenue!


Have a great day!

Tuesday, July 24, 2007


It's 60 degrees and soggy!

  • Tuesday: Slowly decreasing clouds across most of CNY, though a few northern and western areas may not see much sun. Chance of a few showers, especially north and west of Utica. Highs in the mid 70s, but cooler where there is less or no sunshine.
  • Tuesday night: Becoming Partly Cloudy everywhere. Low in the low 60s.
  • Wednesday: A mix of sun and clouds and a bit warmer. Chance of a hit or miss thunderstorm. High: 85, Low: 64


Firemen's Field, yesterday morning.
But it sure was fun while it lasted!

I had a dandy time, yesterday, driving around and talking with Craig Cipolla a doctoral candidate from the University of Pennsylvania who, as an anthropologist and archeologist, is studing the history of the Brothertown Indians. He's already spent quite a good deal of time with them in Wisconsin and, for the next year or two, will be focusing on this area.

Craig at the Nancy Welch stone off of Van Hyning Road.

Nancy died in 1835 when she was 57 years old. The verse on her stone reads:

Depart my friends
And dry your tears
I must ly hear
Til Crist apears. [sic]

In the Brothertown Road Cemetery, none of the stones are engraved and the plot is so overgrown that you just have to know what you're looking for and inch your way through brambles. His favorite stop was up on Bogusville Hill Road where Lawrence "Buster" Ames took him back through the fields to a peaceful maple grove - the burial site of Samson Occom and many other Brothertons.


At Savicki's, later on.


Here's anohter question for people with good memories for stories their grandparents told them: the "Golf Links" appears on the 1907 Map of Waterville - a sizable portion of it within village limits. Any clue as to when it was established, and by whom?


Monday, July 23, 2007


It's Garbage Day! 50.4 degrees.
  • Today: Morning sunshine, followed by afternoon clouds. A shower possible late. High 80
  • Tonight: Cloudy with scattered showers. Low 60.
  • Tuesday: A lingering morning shower, otherwise a mix of sun and clouds. High 78 Low 61

The Observer-Dispatch has a schedule of events at the Boonville - Oneida County Fair.


The ballfield behind Firemen's Field was busy all day, and as the sun rose, more and more spectators found shade under the huge old spruce trees neaxt to Gary Allen's field of beans.

11:45 a.m.
The line of folks waiting to buy tickets for the Chicken BBQ!

And an equally long line of vehicles who drivers were hoping for a parking spot somewhere, anywhere in that vicinity: no luck!


And still the steady stream of cars, creeping around the corner of the Post Office, hoping for just one small parking spot somewhere in that part of the village!


Even the Library parkinlot was pretty full! I'd been there earlier in the day and taken these pictures.

If you have the time, do go: stroll, or even sit and enjoy the gardens.

They're magnificent; and they're there for you!

A magnificent Yucca -- or "Needle and Thread" -- behind the children's reading wall.


And - while you're in that part of town - go over to the Municipal Hall and look at Skip Foppes' super-clear, really huge enlargements of old photographs. Many of them I've never seen before so, because he changes the display fairly often, I try to remember to be sure and check back and see what's new!



I'll be spending most of today with an anthropologist from the University of Pennsylvania who's doing a study on the history of the Brothertown Indians. That will be fun and educational, I'm sure!

You have a good day, too!