Friday, November 9, 2007

Friday morning

for Kathy Eisenhut!

Brrrrr! It's 24.3 degrees.

  • Tonight: Mostly cloudy and cool. Lows in the low 20s in the Adirondacks, mid 20s elsewhere and upper 20s in the Mohawk Valley.
  • Friday: Mostly cloudy with a few sprinkles or flurries, primarily in the afternoon. High in the low to mid 40s.
  • Friday Night: Mostly cloudy. Low in the upper 20s.
  • Saturday: Mostly cloudy with a chance of light rain or light snow. High: 45, Low: 22
  • Sunday: Mostly sunny. High: 47, Low: 28
  • Monday: A mix of sun and clouds. High: 52, Low: 34
Yesterday was one of those days when between the phone, the computer and other things, I just never got out to take any pictures. Actually, the weather - which was dull and gray and cold - had alot to do with it.

One place I'm going to go today, for sure, is to

I'll tell you more about Patsy Hill's new Gift Shop!
She brought me a beautiful electric Tart Warmer
and I want to see what other neat things she has.

'Tis the Season, you know!


There's ALOT going on!

The Merry Murders of Montmarie



9:00 A.M. to 1:00P.M.



Annual Firemen's Chicken Supper
Brookfield Central School
3 - 6
with take-outs available.


Sunday morning:
(according to the community calendar)

at Foodking


"Christmas Glories; Christmas Stories"
Sunday is Veterans' Day

Honor YOUR Veteran!

Have a Great Weekend!

Thursday, November 8, 2007


31.6 degrees with little touches of white!

It's Garbage Day!

  • Thursday: Morning flurries, followed by a mix of sun and clouds. Still chilly. High in the low 40s.
  • Thursday Night: Partly cloudy to mostly clear and cold. Low in the low to mid 20s, but colder on the Tug Hill and Adirondacks.
  • Friday: A mix of sun and clouds with sprinkles or flurries possible later in the day. High: 46, Low: 26

Our first snow!

Wet and blowy ...........

but cozy in the Library .......

where a young fellow peered out the window at the short-lived storm.

Earlier in the day, I'd been in Hanover and seen this view.

The Grant Hill Road pond has plenty of water in it, now, but no ducks or geese.

The soy field are bare, now. This picture was a taken a week or so ago - when it was DRY! - of soy being harvested behind the Library.

I happened to see Mr. F. Zweifel at the polling place, on Tuesday, and asked where all of the soy was being shipped. He said that, as far as he knew, just about all of it would stay right on the farms where it was grown. "It needs to be roasted or the oil otherwise extruded," he said, "before it can be used." Some of it is probably taken to Ed Gale's Feed Mill for roasting, but Fredolyn also told me that there were "travelling" roasters that would come right to the farm and do the job. I didn't ask, because it sounds so stupid, but ....... I guess I should know that the roasted soy gets mixed in with dried corn and other good stuff and fed to our fine local cattle all Winter.


I've invented a HUGE history-type project for myself that is taking me to several places in the "Archives." If you're going to have another cup of coffee, this morning, you might enjoy spending those few minutes "seeing" what Waterville was like two-hundred years ago!

Have a Great Day!

Wednesday, November 7, 2007


Yesterday at the Marshall Township polls in Waterville.
I was there at a little after 4 o'clock and was number 159.

In Deansboro, they'd had a busier day and were up to number 218.


Click on images for full-size views.

And two headlines from this morning's Observer-Dispatch:
DA McNamara to remain as County's Top Prosecutor
Proposal #1 appeared to have been approved.


It's 33.8 degrees.

  • Today: Scattered wet snow and rain showers. Little or no snow accumulation in the Mohawk Valley. Perhaps an additional coating to an inch or two of slush on the higher hilltops near and north of the Thruway. High in the upper 30's.
  • Tonight: Snow showers with perhaps a coating to an inch or two of accumulation on the hilltops south and west of Utica. Flurries elsewhere. Low in the upper 20s.

Final Touch: new topsoil next to the new sidewalks on Putnam Street.

Perfect Touch: a euonymus that matches the trim!
(or vise versa.)

Painting and polishing at Dollar General.

And a new driveway/parking area at the rear of the building.

A noisy gabfest at Lyon's Mills.

Just this side of Solsville, a swamp just filled with bright red-berried black alder and lots of water.


Planning Ahead?

Friday and Saturday
at the High School

the Waterville High School Drama Club will present

"The Merry Murders at Montmarie"

"A very peculiar thing is happening at Montmarie, a very exclusive boarding school at the foot of the Swiss Alps. People visit the school and simply disappear! When this is brought to the attention of the head mistress and the new owner (who just happens to be her fiancé) they are understandably concerned. The subsequent arrival of a very strict school inspector and an agent from Interpol does nothing to put their minds at ease. They cannot imagine who is responsible for the mysterious disappearances. The only inhabitants of the school are its eccentric staff members and young female students. It couldn't be any of them... Or could it?

Adults - $5; Students and Seniors $3.
Curtain - 7:30 p.m.

Remember to check The Waterville Times Events Calendar for more Places to Go and Things to Do!

Have a great Day!

Tuesday, November 6, 2007



And it's Cold and wet!

The Canada Geese know what's in the forecast!

  • Tuesday: Morning rain showers, followed by some sunshine. Chance of a shower late across Lewis County. Breezy and much cooler. High in the mid 40s.
  • Tuesday night: Rain showers developing on the Tug Hill Plateau in Lewis and extreme northern Oneida Counties. The rain will mix with and change over to heavy snow *above 1,000 feet* with accumulation likely. Elsewhere, just some scattered light rain showers or snow showers with no accumulation. Low near freezing.
  • Wednesday: Scattered mixed rain and snow showers in the Mohawk Valley and other smaller valleys. Higher elevation snow showers with a slushy coating of accumulation possible on hilltops above 1,000 feet. No accumulation in the Mohawk Valley. High: 39, Low: 27

It's also Election Day!



If you drive northward on Route 12, you'll see a new barn going up next to the corner of Lewis Road at the "Brown Eggs" Farm.


And if you go to the Merri Rose Florist Shop you can get a copy of this lovely little book and spend the rest of the day reading beautiful poetry - just as I did, yesterday.

I phoned Helen to ask her permission to use a poem, here, and also ask her to suggest which one I should use. She couldn't decide, and told me to pick one. I couldn't decide, either - here are two.

House With Character

It's an old house
with drafty doors and walls;
the floors are cold
windows frosted over.

Newspapers behind a wall
date 1836. There were
Indian trails here then; later,
soldiers plodded down the same paths.

Winds and gales
left their brutal marks;
loosened boards on porch
and shingles on roof.

"It has character," my friends say,
"And that ceiling with exposed beams!"
"There used to be a pot-bellied stove,"
I tell them, "replaced by the brick fireplace."

New square homes now line the road.
New families with swings and toys seem to like them.
But as we are a little older, the scars of life
have made our house that much more beautiful to us.


Just look at her, standing with her hand on her hip.
She's only four years old, has dark bangs, wavy hair.
The bright sun shines on her blue-striped shorts.
She's pictured on Kodak, a happy dimpled smile,
her little red sunglasses on, upside down.

Writing poetry is nothing new to Helen - she said that the pieces selected for this, her first publication, are but a smattering of her complete collection. She's written for years, and has been taking courses online for the past five. All of this after raising a family, working as an aide at the Harding Nursing Home for seven years and then as an LPN at St. Luke's for another twenty!

Copies of "The Country Poet" are quite limited and it may be some time before more arrive.

I understand that one has already been given to the Waterville Public Library in memory of Bev Gibbons. I think you'll want your own copy for the lasting pleasure that it gives.


Today's List:

Put Ice Scraper in car
Gloves, spare jacket etc.
Put snow shovel on back porch.
Bags of Ice Melt.

It's 39 degrees and very wet.

Monday, November 5, 2007




Today's Garbage Day!

29 Degrees

  • Monday: A mix of sun and clouds in the morning. Clouds and showers are likely in the evening. Mild. High: 53 Low: 38
  • Tuesday: Mostly cloudy with peeks of sunshine. Scattered rain showers. High: 44

The Parade of Lights Committee made use of Saturday's mild weather. They hung decorations on the Fire House, wrapped strings of mini-lights on the lamps posts in the business district and .....

Yes: Jamie Bechy remembered to "set the clock back" on the lights.

Pat and Jerry Burdick of Forge Hollow sent me a photograph of the newly-visible
waterfall and "fish pond" on Gridley-Paige Road. I recall being told, years ago, that there were originally three ponds connected by waterfalls created by then-owner McAdam as a game preserve which, along with considerable woodland, was entirely surrounded by an eight-foot-tall fence.

I'd taken this picture just about a year ago - on October 29, 2006 - and during the past several months Mr. Ed Bennett has been at work cleaning brush and trees and straightening rocks so that now the falls look as they did when they were new. Thank You!


I don't know! But it's on the Gallagher Farm just west of Osborn Avenue.

I'm sorry that I wasn't in town to attend the St. Bernard's Bazaar, on Saturday, because it's always such fun and I'm sure that it was a Super Success!

I was determined that I wouldn't miss the Mike Olsen Benefit , yesterday afternoon, but when I first reached the American Legion on Route 20, there was a regular traffic jam of people trying to get into the parking lot or find spots to park along the edge of the road. I kept going, just as far as Chittening Pond , intending to turn around there, but ................

There it Was! Soaring along the far shoreline. The eagle!

I must get a camera with a better zoom lens, because - as if knowing I had a camera ready - he went and posed in the top of a hardwood tree. If you "click" on the image and look very, very hard, you'll find a little white smudge right in the very center of this picture.

It was great!


Back at the Legion ........

it was already mobbed, and the ladies at the Ticket Table could barely keep up with the demand!

That must be Don Brown!

The attendees' attention seemed to be divided between tables along the outer walls that were completely covered with a grand collection of Door Prizes .....

... and the buffet line, which was moving right along. Everyone was happy!


I don't know just who the organizers of the event were, but I'm sure that they worked very hard to put everything together and there's no doubt but that they had a Real Winner!!! Congratulations!


Best Wishes, Mike!

Sunday, November 4, 2007


Just a quick post, because I know you're waiting .....

Unfortunately, WCS Girls' Soccer Team lost to Manlius-Pebble Hill, 2 - 0.

But what a great season!
Thanks, girls!

We're proud of you!!!

Did you remember to set your clocks BACK?

It's 31 degrees.
  • Mostly cloudy with a few peaks of sun.
  • Isolated lake effect showers are possible. High: 49

Things to do, today:

The Mike Olsen Benefit
takes place from 1:00 - 7:00
at the American Legion on Route 20.

Did you see the "Prism Concert" at WCS on Thursday night? Here's the link to lots of photos.


The community has been shocked and saddened by the sudden death of "Bev" Gibbons, whose obituary appeared in yesterday's O-D. We'll all miss her. She always had something to smile about and made everyone that she spoke with smile, too. My deepest sympathy to her family for their loss.