Saturday, June 9, 2007


It's 54 degrees and gray, out, but the forecast is bright!

A line of strong storms did move through the area late last evening but it wasn't as strong as some others we've had. The WCS Marching Band will have a good morning for the Parade in Dolgeville; ladies attending the Women's Club Tea, this afternoon, will not get drenched getting there, and IF there's an overflow crowd at the Rotary Auction, this evening in Sangerfield, they'll be comfortable sitting out doors.

  • Saturday: Morning clouds and fog giving way to mostly sunny skies by afternoon. Cooler & less humid. High 75
  • Saturday Night: Mainly clear and cool. Low 47
  • Sunday: Mostly sunny. High 76 Low 51
  • Monday: Sunny and mild. High 80 Low 55

State D.O.T. work on Route 315 continued to tie up traffic all day, yesterday, but the northbound lane from the Buell Avenue hill as far as Sally Road has been resurfaced. Expect more of the same next week!


I wasn't going to post anything, this morning, but I have received a copy of a letter from John and Wayne Brouillette, who purchased the former Bank Building back in April, to Waterville Area Merchants, Businesses and Community Leaders.

They have arranged a special
Town Meeting
that will take place at the Municipal Hall
Thursday, June 14th from 9 - 10:00 A.M.


Speaker: Thomas L. Owens, President & CEO, ACCESS Federal Credit Union

"We have been speaking with several financial institutions about locating a branch office in the former Bank of America building on Main St. Our objective has been to bring in a community oriented bank that offers a wide variety of services and products that meet the needs of the residents, businesses, municipalities and agricultural producers in the Waterville area.

Some financial institutions have expressed an interest in leasing the building. We have met with the institutions interested and they have had a tour of the building. One institution in particular has expressed a desire to get a “read on the area” and meet local businesses and decision makers to discuss possibilities. To that end we will be hosting a meeting on Thursday morning, June 14 at the Village Hall. Discussion at this meeting would focus on their philosophy, what the bank could bring to the area and how the bank could provide much needed services and continue to draw people resulting in an increase in commerce and economic development in this region.

Please consider attending this short meeting."


CLINTON: The Summer Breeze Concert Series will begin this afternoon at the Village Green. Leslie Stoz and Ryan Blakeman will perform at 3 p.m. If it rains, the concert will be moved to Melodic Revolution, 34 College St. Concerts will take place every Saturday through the end of July and on Wednesday, July 4.

We'll be able to eat at Kitty's on the Canal through the rest of the month.

It was all Interleague play, last night.


Tomorrow will have extra-special significance: not only will Dick get to have his Damned Fine Party, but ..............

"At Home in the Huddle" will celebrate its first birthday!

Dick thought that the blog was just about the most clever thing I'd ever done. He was my #1 fan and he'd be saying, "A whole year? You've done good, Doll!" He'd be pleased.


Friday, June 8, 2007

Friday Add-on!

Surprise! Surprise!

I don't know the precise names for the procedures, but "the State" has begun working on Route 315 - right on the Buell Avenue Hill working northward.

If you need to get somewhere in a hurry, take another route ---here there are long lines of single-lane traffic!

More when it happens!


It's 60.8 degrees, aiming toward hot and humid with rumbles and more!

WKTV's Forecast:
  • Friday: Hazy, hot and humid with scattered strong to severe afternoon and evening thunderstorms. Any thunderstorm that develops is capable of producing hail, heavy rain and strong wind gusts. Be sure to stay with, the Weather Blog, and NEWSChannel 2 for the very latest on any watches or warnings Friday. High near 90.
  • Friday Night: Warm and muggy with showers and thunderstorms ending. Again, some storms could be strong, especially early. Low in the upper 50s.
  • Saturday: Becoming mostly sunny, mild and much less humid. High: 75, Low: 47
  • Sunday: Mostly sunny and gorgeous High: 76, Low: 51

Allison and I may be the only two people reading this blog who remember exactly where they were - and what they were doing - just 41 years ago today: we were in Topeka, Kansas, and at about 4:00 in the afternoon we'd taken shelter in the basement of the church from which this photograph of a huge tornadic funnel was taken. Dick stayed up in the parkinglot with all the other men until the noise was so loud he couldn't stand it! Neither we nor our home were "hit," but - in just a few minutes - an entire university and most of the Topeka business district was flattened.


Something's going on at the Macholds' on West Bacon Street: looks like a new porch!

Out on Hanover Road, Miles Cornish has been clearing some dense brush and ending up with a lovely, open grove.

There are some nice roadside bouquets of "Dame's Rocket" or "Sweet Rocket" or "Wild Phlox" out in the countryside. (It's not really phlox, but a variety of mustard!)

I forgot to take my camera with my when I went to Clinton, but - next to Route 12B - there are two fields of Wild Mustard that are just this bright and can even be seen from the top of Grant Hill.

There's alot going on this weekend!

Check the Community Calendar for some interesting events at the Rogers Center in Sherburne, the Earlville Opera House, at the Augusta-Vernon Center Preesbuyterian Church as well as in Waterville!

The WCS Marching Band will be in Dolgeville, tomorrow, marching in the Violet Festival Parade. Other activities planned include music entertainment, art exhibits, arts and crafts show, fireworks, Eastern Regional Draft Horse Fun Day, 5K Run for the Violets, Children's Run, poetry contest and Violet Festival Idol contest, Flower the Clown, village-wide garage sales and children's coaster derby.



It's getting wonderfully exciting and hectic, here in the Hollow: company coming for "Dick's Damned Fine Party" on Sunday afternoon. Blogging will become unpredictable, I imagine - erratic at best! But we intend to have a Damned Fine Weekend and hope that you will, too!

Thursday, June 7, 2007

Thursday w/ 8:45 add-on

It's another "Fish Story"

added at 8:45 Thursday morning.

(click for better view!)

Sean Campbell caught this Great Northern Pike - 48" long and weighing 25 lbs. - in Davis Creek in Earlville.


It's Garbage Day, again!

38 degrees: Brrrrrrrisk but Sunny!
  • Thursday: Mix of sun & clouds. Pleasant. High 73
  • Thursday Night: Partly cloudy with a thunderstorm possible. Low 60
  • Friday: Hazy sunshine, hot and humid with thunderstorms likely. Best chance for thunderstorm activity will be during the afternoon. High 89 Low 57
  • Saturday: Partly to mostly sunny. Pleasant. High 75 Low 47


The first day of Farmers Market on the Park was brighter and busier than anyone expected. The temperature, after all, was low enough to warrant wearing of winter jackets!

A pen of goats was attracting quite a good deal of attention and they, themselves, seemed fascinated with their view of the Park and the people!

Word has it that "Mac's" remains closed while renovations inside the building are taking place.

Meanwhile, at the old Hotel, Mr. Hudson - who has updated plumbing and wiring and constructed a new stairway to the second floor - is making careful refurbishments to and doing some fine carpentry in both the bar and dining areas while also laying tile and carpeting.

The new B & B on VanHyning Road is being painted - a very unusual, but exciting combination of colors.


Some of the residents in Whiskey Hollow: two red squirrels and four young chipmunks who think I'm their mother and that the birdseed is all for them!


Patches of Yellow Flag are showing up in swampy spots - always just out of reach!

Starting to bloom next to the culvert where Big Creek flows beneath Main Street.


The tables seem to have turned,
but the standings don't reflect a great change.


Have a great day!

Tuesday, June 5, 2007

Wednesday morning

It's Recyclables Day

43.9 degrees;

gray, but not raining.

  • Wednesday: Mix of sun & clouds. Cool. High 62
  • Wednesday Night: Mainly clear and cold. Scattered frost possible north of Utica. Low 43
  • Thursday: Partly sunny. High 73 Low 60
  • Friday: Partly sunny, warm and humid with rain and thunderstorms likely by afternoon. High 87 Low 60


to June Richmond!
(actually, her birthday was yesterday, but ........)

No: this Great Northern was not a birthday present from her grandson, Matt Tanner! It went back into the Sangerfield River waters of Nine Mile Swamp.


The sign outside the Fire House reads:

Farmers Market

in the Park

Wednesdays from 1 - 7


This next notice was sent to me by Wendy Gagliardo, a member of the American Legion Auxiliary. Put it on your calendar for next week!

Cans and Clams are here for the summer!! Every Tuesday evening on the deck at the Waterville American Legion from 5:30 till 9:30. Bring the entire family and enjoy!!

Also mark your calendars for this Special Event that will take place on June 27th. Byron Stuhlman sent this:

"The Rt. Rev. Gladstone B. Adams, III, will ordain Ann Stillman as priest at Grace Church on Wednesday evening, June 27, at 7:00 p.m. In an ecumenical dimension of the service, Fr. Tom Servatius and Pastor Genett Timlin will read lessons at the service. All are welcome."

    We've had plenty of gray skies and rain, but bright sunshine between.

    "Summertime, an' the livin' is easy"
    These cows on Austin Road are loving every bit of it!

    Work is under way on the new home of the Belfield Agency on West Main Street, on the site of the old Agway Gas Station.

    The plantings of weigelia are blooming quite prettily at the point of Monument Park and atop a retaining wall just south of the underpass, in Sangerfield.


    In out-of-town news --- first it's the saga of "Kitty's" and now the question is: "Who will Save the Queen?" (The Hartford Queen Diner, that is!)


    Tuesday morning

    It's 60 degrees; not raining!


    And that leaves us three more days to collect stuff for the


    on Saturday evening,

    Phone 861-5761, 794-4251 or 841-4040
    if you have items to contribute.


    And don't forget the Waterville Garden Club's Annual


    on Saturday morning

    at the Methodist Church from 9 - 1.

    Contributions from your gardens can be
    taken to the church starting at 6:00 P.M. on Friday.

    • Tuesday: Mostly cloudy with rain and thunderstorms likely. High 68
    • Tuesday Night: Mostly cloudy with rain and thunderstorms ending. Low 45
    • Wednesday: Mix of sun & clouds. Cool. High 62 Low 47
    • Thursday: Partly sunny. High 73 Low 60

    (Click to enlarge!)

    Further along on Loomis Road the first Blue Flag are blooming.

    The "Highbush Cranberry" are doing their best to bloom, but there aren't many that are healthy enough to have many blossoms because the Viburnum Leaf Beetle is at it, again.
    That creature moved into this part of New York State three years ago and decimated most viburnums. There are methods that you can use to try and save your shrubbery. Read the link, above, and talk with the folks at Alcotts or Clinton Agway.

    Bill Strohmeyer spotted these Wild Columbine when he was hiking with his Scout Troop on Chimney Mountain!

    He also was quick to point out to the boys what
    Poison Ivy looks like!!!

    (Something that we should all know!)


    Monday, June 4, 2007

    Monday morning

    It's Garbage Day!!


    60 degrees; it isn't raining now, however .......


    Here they are!

    Brenda Alberding's photographs of the WCS Marching Band and Color Guard taken at the Sherburne Pageant of Bands last Saturday afternoon.

    (Thank you, Brenda!)


    There are lots of nice bright spots right in Waterville. These yellow roses on White Street,

    rhododendrons on Madison Street ........

    ... and at the corner of Barton and White.

    The Baumgarten door had a new decoration for Decoration Day,

    and oriental poppies are everywhere!


    Meanwhile, on Putnam Street .....

    ............. we're waiting.