Saturday, December 8, 2007


It's 30 degrees; no precipitation, and the road is bare.


I don't usually do a Saturday blog post, but I just HAVE to, today, to say


to a very special friend who, I learned yesterday, has just acquired a computer for the specific purpose of following the "Huddle Blog that everyone keeps talking about!!!" (And I bet she'll be sending us E-mail in no time at all!)


Speaking of the weather ...........

Six months ago, fields were gold with wild mustard; roadsides filled with Dame's Rocket, and paving was in progress on Route 315.

Yes: we did have snow before Christmas, last year. This picture was taken just a year ago. The only difference between it and one taken today would be that there are no lamp posts in the earlier shot. The "blog," that day, said that the posts were supposed to be shipped from the West Coast, then!

Speaking of lamp posts ............

Mark sent this picture from Ft. Myers, Florida ..........

............ and this "Christmas Tree" at the Thomas Edison historic site.

(That, in a way, is a reminder to get your Christmas Tree right here in Waterville at the Masons' Sale in the Park!)


Today is Anna Rae Martin's big day: she and her dad, Ray, will compete in the Toyota 5th Grader Challenge. (Questions that Anna Rae has already answered include, "What is the Chinese method of using needles to stop pain?" "What is the name of the black woman who refused to go to the back of the bus?" "Where are the pyramids?") You can see the audition tape HERE!

Have you noticed that there's almost always something going on at the Waterville Public Library? Today it's Crafts and on Thursday evening it's Family Movie Night, featuring "How the Grinch Stole Christmas!"

I searched this morning's news for WCS Basketball scores but didn't find any. I did, however, come across an article about Erin Hamlin of Remsen - a young lady whose name we should all know!


Thank You for asking, but No! I shall NOT post a photo of my eyelids!!!

I will, however, let you read this perfect little poem, written for me by Shirley Bynum Smith - Hedwig Eisenhut's daughter.


Mirror, mirror, what I see,
Looks like Stallone and not like me,
Though what I expected
Was raccoon-connected.

When my lids are unsealed
And the newness revealed,
I fully suppose
When I look past my nose

I’ll see more that is worthy
And honest and mirthy
Than ever I saw through narrow eyes--
I’ll call it a Glimpse of Paradise.


Thank you, Shirley!


Have a Great Weekend, Everyone!

Friday, December 7, 2007


It's 19.8 degrees.

  • Today: Thickening clouds with light snow after Noon. Accumulation range from a trace to 3", with the higher amounts primarily north of Utica. High near 32.
  • Tonight: Snow ending, with limited lake effect snows possible, especially north of Utica. Low in the mid 20s.
  • Saturday: Partly sunny, with a period of snow showers possible in the afternoon or evening. High: 35, Low: 8
  • Sunday: Cloudy with light snow arriving. High: 25, Low: 22


Sorry - I overslept!

And then I began reading and answering E-mail and now it's very LATE!


How are my eyes?

I look like Rocky Balboa's grandmother!!


More when I get caught up!

Thursday, December 6, 2007

Thursday morning

It's Garbage Day

My digital indoor-outdoor thermometer tells me it's 8.1 degrees and the sound of snowplows passing the house every few minutes says that it's either been snowing or blowing or both!


There seems to be more traffic than usual on Route 315 - perhaps Route 12 is Closed (even tho the NYSDOT Map dosn't indicate it) or drivers just think that it should be!


Just quick eyelid update: surgery was only minimally uncomfortable and thanks to Ron & Margaret Bornick I was back home in the Hollow soon after 3:00 p.m. I've had almost no physical discomfort but am frustrated, this morning, by bandages that are holding my upper eyelids in a mostly "closed" position and although my vision is CLEAR, I'm looking through tiny very tiny openings! I'll be able to take the bandages off this afternoon ---- perhaps there'll be a better post then... at least photos out the kitchen windows, etc. Great Thanks for all of your notes and letters of encouragement and - even - amazement!

Wednesday, December 5, 2007

Wed. a.m.


It's 21.7 degrees and

Recyclables Day!

Just a quick look forward ..........
  • Wednesday: Cloudy with occasional light snow or flurries. Light accumulation possible. High in the mid 20s.
  • Wednesday night: Scattered snow showers, flurries or squalls. Low in the mid teens.
  • Thursday: Sun and clouds with scattered snow showers. High: 29, Low: 18

........ and a look back.

Yes, it snowed!

Eric Iverson had asked for a picture of the center of the village with new snow, but somehow I don't think it's as picturesque as he - and I - would have liked it to be!

Photoshop to the rescue!

Mr. Hudson, however, had done his own decorating and wrapped garlands with mini-lights along the front railing.

There was simple Winter scenery out on Lomard Road .....

and on Gridley-Paige Road

in a field right next to the waterfall.


This bright spot came from Jeff Reynolds, at the Library!

Limited Seating - Free tickets available at the Library.

Call the Library at 841-4651 to reserve your tickets now.


It's one of those wonderful old black and white films -

"They don't make 'em like that any more!"


Have a Great Day, Everyone!

Tuesday, December 4, 2007

Tuesday morning

It's 18.1 degrees and it isn't snowing here in the Hollow.

Here's the link to WKTV's list of Closings.
So far - at 6:20 - Waterville's not on it.

There's a fresh powdering on the yew and euonymus next to the front door .........

............but, despite lots of blowing and media buildup, the "snow stake" (see red arrow) seems to show a total depth of six inches or less.

  • Tuesday: Lake effect snow, especially south of Utica. Additional accumulations of a trace to 4" possible in the hills south of Utica, with an isolated higher amount. Wind beginning to subside a bit. High: 27
  • Tuesday night: Flurries and snow showers. A squall or two possible. Low: 18
  • Wednesday: Mostly cloudy with flurries. Perhaps some light snow south of Route 20. High: 28, Low: 14


On Main Street, yesterday. There's definitely something happening!


There are several eye-catching decorations on Madison Street.


Mark sent these from Ft. Myers!

(Thank You!)


And a note from me: tomorrow's a big day! I'm having my eyelids "lifted!" It's not a huge procedure, so rumors of major surgery, heart attacks and strokes can be ignored! I will, however, look like a racoon (black eyes) for quite a while, so I'll be keeping a very low profile around town and may even be seen wearing huge sunglasses on the cloudiest of days! Blog postings may be a bit sporadic, but if blog-readers send me information and JPEGS I'll post them right away!




Monday, December 3, 2007


It's 34.3 degrees.

I stepped out onto the front porch too see if it crunched: no - it's just very, very wet snow!

Garbage Day!

Village Board Meeting
this evening at 7:00
at the Municipal Hall

Waterville Central School is OPEN, but several schools have an hour or so delay and three, North of the Thruway, are closed. There's a good list on the front page of the O-D.

Here we go, again!
  • Today: Freezing rain, sleet and rain turning to snow showers and flurries. Additional accumulation of a trace to 2". Temperatures near freezing for the morning rush hour...falling to the mid 20's by dinner time.
  • Tonight: Snow showers. Accumulations of 2"-4" most spots...except a few locales may see isolated 4"-6" amounts by morning in the most persistent squalls south and west of Utica and Rome. Low in the teens.
  • Tomorrow: Snow showers. High in the 20's.
  • Wednesday : Snow showers. High in the 20's.

Out at the Baumgarten residence on Madison Street, she whips up beautiful wreaths;

he whips the snow - everybody's happy!

What a ride THAT would be!


I set out, yesterday afternoon, to take some pictures of snow - entertainment for our friends in Florida and Texas - and stopped to take a picture of the lichen on this maple tree on Tower Street. I wonder how old the tree is: was it planted by the Putnams?

Directly across the road from the elegant old home is an equally elegant new home - that of Mr. and Mrs. John Pumilia.


And it must have been at that point that it began first to sleet and then rain and, with the temperature at 26 degrees, it didn't remain liquid very long and I decided to head home!

Not only can the hill on Buell Avenue or Rt. 315 be tricky (as was demonstrated by someone who "lost it, " on Saturday morning, and took a detour through some of my front hedge and yard !) but the driveway to the big old barn was "improved" by the D.O.T. during last Summer's resurfacing of the highway in such a manner that it requires some extra foresight and caution. Should you come to visit and have only two-wheel ( front-wheel) drive, you'll find it easier to get OUT if you back your car IN. Gene Huggins and his Saturn demonstrated that!


WKTV's weather radar doesn't seem to be functioning correctly, this morning, but here's a link to the Weather Underground's Animated map of the area! Enjoy!

Sunday, December 2, 2007


15.8 degrees. No snow right at the moment. You don't need the weather report, do you? It's COLD! and there's a grand Wint'ry variety in the forecast!

"Mark" sent this from Ft. Meyers, Florida. He took the picture when he went for his walk, yesterday morning!


And if THAT doesn't help warm you up ......


......... this surely will!


I know that you're really waiting for pictures of either




But first:

They're here!

About 250 Christmas Trees arrived in the Park, yesterday morning, and in no time at all the Masons' Annual Christmas Tree Sale was in progress! Don't miss out: the trees will go fast!


The Star of this morning's "Mohawk Valley Living" - along with Richard Enders - was Elizabeth "Perk" Stalter and all of North Brookfield! If you didn't see the show, you can go to MVL's website and click to view a few shorts. Also - watch for it on YouTube!


And keep watching the sky: the Snow Geese are still in the area. Waterville-born ornithologist Gene Huggins came from Syracuse, yesterday, just to see the spectacle. He found the flock feeding in the corn field across from the old Mayflower Motel and he set about counting them, systematically, corn stubble row by corn stubble row ---- and then he gave up! He told me that he estimated between three and four THOUSAND geese - something that neither he nor anyone around the village had ever seen, before! To a great many of us, their visit has been an especially wonderful Christmas Gift.

Yesterday afternoon, with only a few Canada Geese on what remains open water on the pond behind the Moons', most of the flock seemed to be aiming for Ray Ireland's "reservoir."

I started up Tyler Road, but finding more packed snow and ice than pavement, turned around in the driveway of the old "Tyler Barn" where I saw this view ..................

The hills to the East of the Village glowed in the afternoon sun.
(If you click on the image to enlarge it, I think you'll be able to pick out a few buildings on Canning Factory Road.)


No one knew what the "theme" of the Historical Society's Fifth Annual Victorian Tea was going to be: the first clue was the aprons -- "just like my grandmother wore!"

Guests Sandy and Sharon (or Sharon and Sandy?) are members of the Westmoreland Historical Society, great friends and experts when it comes to doing things in the kitchen "the old way." They had marvelous collection of "time-saving" implements - from cheese and nutmeg graters to jar openers to egg beaters and flat-irons to cherry pitters and more and more! Most of the younger ladies in the audience wondered, "How did they DO that?!" (thinking of salads in a bag and "carry-out") while quite a few of the older women not only knew "what" and "how" (ask Calli Hudson how butter paddles work!) but one lady - seeing some sort of a cream-whipping device - proudly declared: "I still have it!" (Do you really use it, Helen?) But the program came after ...........

(Stanley Sambora, Lou Langone and Joe Falk)

... the Historical Caroleers (or Choraleers, during the rest of the year) entertained ......

(Calli Hudson and Mary Jane Toussaint talk with two other guests and the speakers, Sharon and Sandy - or Sandy and Sharon.)

.........the ladies chatted ........

Lois Lloyd and her daughter, Wendy, chatted with Katie Landers, while at the farther table Roseann Gallagher was with Anne Sally, Carol Tower, Mary Lou Von Matt and Marie Hillary as well as another whose back I didn't recognize.)

.......... and the proper three-course "Tea" was served."

In the background, Helen Tonetti and Paula Gray sat with June Richmond, Charlotte Parks, Doris Stephan and Elaine Cowen. At the table in the foreground I recognized only Sandy Harding, Sandy Martin and Candy Doyle (who had her back to me.)


Enjoy your day!