Sunday, July 29, 2007

Sunday Morning

It's 64 degrees and gray.

  • Sunday: Partly sunny with the slight chance of a shower, mainly south and east of Utica. High: 83
  • Sunday night: Partly cloudy. Low: 63

"Billy" and "Joey" Nolan both grew up at the top of our hill and yesterday I went to Billy's - or Will's - wedding at this church in Brookfield.

(I suspect that Hobie and Lois Morris had something to do with the plantings as well as the music: Lois played the organ and Hobie "turned."!)

Will and Joe Nolan

Mr. and Mrs. Will Nolan.


I was going to stop at the Sanger Avenue residence of Mrs. Davis on my way home to tell her about the wedding, but came to a stop even before I reached her driveway, doing a "double-take," because her porch was gone! (Well - not gone, exactly, but the last time I had looked, it had been an "enclosed" porch. This looks nice!)

Mrs. Davis' car was gone, too,
so this posting will be a substitute visit!


Corn and alfalfa, next to Lewis Road.

Harvest - on Daytonville Road.


It's Vacation Time! and as soon as I click "Publish Post" I'm going to start a week-long "break!" Although I will be where there's wireless internet access and I'm taking my laptop - so do keep the Emails coming - I don't know that I'll be assembling any actual blog posts.

Remember to keep checking the Community Calendar so that you won't miss out on things like "Cans and Clams" at the Legion on Tuesdays, Farmers' Market every Wednesday or any of the many special events at the Waterville Public Library! The Municipal Calendar will remind you when to put out your garbage, etc., out and here's WKTV's extended forecast!

  • Monday: Partly sunny. High: 82, Low: 61
  • Tuesday: Mostly sunny. High: 86, Low: 61
  • Wednesday: Mostly sunny. High: 88, Low: 63
  • Thursday: A mix of sun and clouds. High: 89, Low: 63
  • Friday: A mix of sun and clouds. Chance of a storm. High: 86, Low: 65
  • Saturday: Partly sunny. High: 85

Have a great week!



It has occurred to me that the many blog-readers who drive past Whiskey Hollow several times a day - and night - could do me a great favor by keeping an eye on the property and alerting the constabulary if something seems amiss! Thank You very much!