Friday, October 5, 2007


It's 53 degrees.

Not the best forecast for a long weekend:

  • Today: Mostly sunny and very warm. Highs in the mid 80s.
  • Tonight: Mainly clear with areas of fog. Muggy. Low in the low 60s.
  • Saturday: Increasing clouds with a chance of a few afternoon thunderstorms. High: 81, Low: 60
  • Sunday: A mix of sun and clouds. Slight chance of a shower. Cooler. High: 70, Low: 53
  • Monday: A mix of sun and clouds. Slight chance of a thunderstorm. High: 70, Low: 58

(Click to enlarge; save to desktop to print out.)

Saturday will be a Big Day in Boonville - 15th Annual Arts Festival.

Saturday at 6:00 at the Legion on Route 20 -

Fall Harvest Fundraiser
in support of local Waterville Graduate

Oneida Co. District Attorney

Scott McNamara

$20 individual; $40 family.


Yesterday - tiring of planting tulip bulbs - I went on my annual search for Witch Hazel
and found it blooming where it always is, way out near Brookfield. I usually bring home a few sprigs to put in a vase on the kitchen table, but the Brookfield Township Highway Crew had been overly-efficient and created a v-e-r-y wide ditch betwixt me and the twigs! My fault for being late!

Most of our really bright, eye-catching bits of foliage seem to be the leaves of "woodbine," climbing tree trunks and draping branches still covered with green leaves.

Most maples are still dull .........

..... even those near Gorton Lake.

It's so dry that a cloud of dust follows vehicles in fields and on back roads.

Fun mailbox in Brookfield!

Autumn Friends at June's, on Frog Park Road.



They'll meet again, today, at 5:00.
Boston's in LA, and the game begins at 8:30.

It seems strange to be celebrating Columbus Day so early, but
whatever you do, have a fun, safe weekend!

AND .....

remember to talk to your friends and family about making a donation in memory or honor of someone special to the

Memorial Bandstand Fund!

Thursday, October 4, 2007


It's Garbage Day!

and 57 degrees.
  • Thursday: Mostly sunny and warm. High: 79, Low: 60
  • Friday: Mostly sunny, hot and a bit humid. High: 83, Low: 62


The Grant Hill pond's a desert!

I believe that this is due to CONSTRUCTION - not drought.


Where were you, fifty years ago?

Where will you be this weekend?
There's a Fall Fun Festival at Fort Rickey
that sounds as if it would be a good place to be!

In today's O-D under News Briefs: "Citizen groups protest federal energy corridor decision
Citizen groups from along the New York Regional Interconnect's proposed 200-mile power line project are united in their opposition to the U.S. Department of Energy's corridor designation. Groups in opposition to Tuesday's designation of National Interest Electric Transmission Corridors include the Upper Delaware Preservation Coalition,
SayNo2NYRI, the Upstate New York Citizens Alliance, STOP NYRI and Communities Against Regional Interconnect. "CARI is committed to continuing the fight against the corridor designation that would create federal condemnation zones for merchant transmission corporations like NYRI," said Steve DiMeo, chairman of CARI, in a news release."The NIETC decision was flawed in process and substance and the fight to block this proposal is far from over," DiMeo said. CARI is reviewing the designation documents and discussing options for action with potential partners in the opposition, according to a written statement. To learn more about the work of CARI, visit"

Petunias are still blooming in the big tub in front of Michael's Fine Food & Spirits, but that Sidewalk Cafe has been put away for Winter and restaurant hours have been changed.

A hundred or more Canada Geese had found this cornfield just East of Jack Prior's .....

..... and an even greater number floated on Ed Jones' pond on Camp Road.

Also on Camp Road, six little ghosts dance around a scary witch!


Either witchery or a winning spell in Boston!


Does anyone know an incantation for rain?

Wednesday, October 3, 2007


Recyclables Collection


It's 58.8 degrees.

  • Wednesday: Low clouds and fog diminishing. Becoming mostly sunny by afternoon. Milder. High in the mid 70s.
  • Wednesday night: Mainly clear to partly cloudy. Low in the upper 50s.
  • Thursday: Mostly sunny and warm. High: 79, Low: 60

Paving is in progress on Madison Street.
"Just what we need: another Speedway!"


There will be lots of Cross-Country activity here, this afternoon, and the WCS Girls' Varsity Soccer team plays Sauquoit Valley, here, at 7:00 p.m.

Good News from Matt Quayle! "Thanks so much for spreading the word about the Adagio competition! I just found out that I won both the Grand Prize and the People's Choice Award. The latter was won by a very small margin, so every vote really counted! Thanks to your readers for that."

Maybe not-so-good news: from this morning's O-D. Feds Designate Energy Corridor. "Decision Could Give Green Light to NYRI Power Line."


The little rose garden in front of the Library is worth slowing down to look at!

And although the lilies and daisies are nearly all gone, the Lally Community Garden still beckons.


Help Raise the Roof Today

Area residents are invited to the Madison Baptist Church, 3685 North St., at 7 p.m. today for an evening of "reminiscing" about roller skating at the Madison Lake roller rink.

Organist Muriel MacBain, who played at the rink during its heyday, will provide the music. Free will donations will be accepted and will be used towards the repair of the church's roof.

Other events scheduled to raise funds for the project include an auction on Saturday, Oct. 6 at the Madison Baptist Church. For information or to make a donation, call 824-2993 or 893-7822.

Writer's note: I thought that I might be able to find an old photograph of the roller rink somewhere on the "web" and, 'tho I did not, I found this site and have been stuck here for the past hour!


Mystery Solved: Carol Aldridge knew! "The man standing next to Judy Kartman is her brother Dick Ogden. He lives in Boca Ratan, FL & flew to Buffalo & hooked up with Judy who lives in Orchard Park & came to Waterville for the 22nd."


I had a chance to take Brothertown Descendant Greg Williams, of Kenosha, Wisconsin, on a tour of Brothertown Indian Cemeteries. Here he is with property-owner Buster Ames in "Occom Grove," where as many as 200 Brotherton may be buried along with their founder. We were all dismayed that someone has moved a few of the stones - probably thinking they were being helpful - but it's really not appreciated by the Indians. (Nor is trespassing appreciated by Mr. Ames. His number's in the book: phone him first! And, by all means, "if you're going to do a television show about being there, get the facts right!")

It seems that there are hundreds of descendants of Nancy Welch, who was buried here - off VanHyning Road - in 1835.


While I was in the vicinity of Skyline Drive, I thought I'd better make sure that Bittersweet Vines - above - and Black Alder were on schedule:

Yes! the "Winter Hollyberry" bushes are bright!


More woodsing, today, I hope!

Tuesday, October 2, 2007


It's 52 degrees.

  • Tuesday: Clouds and some sun. Slight chance of sprinkles or a shower. Highs in the mid to upper 60s.
  • Tuesday night: Gradual clearing. Low in the mid to upper 50s.
  • Wednesday: A mix of sun and clouds. High: 75, Low: 57

Vacation's Over: Passport Rules Take Effect Today.


Please put a circle around Sunday, October 21, on your calendar
as a reminder to attend a


at the Waterville Fire House

to benefit

Abby Smith, 17,

who suffered a stroke last Spring.



Jeff Reynolds, Director of the Waterville Public Library, writes to say that the newest Library Card Holder is Lincoln Noah Briggs, who was born on September 23rd!
"Amanda will be off on maternity leave until 1 December, which means we'll all be scrambling to keep up around here! "



Jean Davis was out seeing the scenery, east of town, and took this picture of Dan and Marilyn Maine's bright front porch.

I saw this clump of wild "sunflowers" on Osborn Avenue - bright against changing colors on Bridges' Hill.

A large new barn is being built at the Gallagher Farm on Route 315.

There's a wonderfully bright design on the barn at the Rippey Farm on Route 12B.
I think that the artist's name is Peter Michael - perhaps someone can confirm that?

Bright new paint on the ornate trim on the Woodman-Getman building, built in 1869 as the Waterville National Bank.

Magnificent Colchicum - Autumn Crocus - in a flowerbed next to the former "Allen Acres" stand.


More color later!

Have a great day!

Monday, October 1, 2007

Monday morning

Today is Garbage Day!

It's 53 degrees.

  • Monday: Mostly sunny. High: 73, Low: 54
  • Tuesday: A mix of sun and some clouds. Slight chance of a shower. High: 71, Low: 55


this evening at 7:00

at the Municipal Hall.

In Football, Hamilton beat Waterville on Friday evening.

The Trenton Falls Scenic Trail is expected to be open next weekend.

Wendy Sexton was at Rancho Cerritos a bit later than I, Saturday, and she wrote, "I was at the Alpaca Farm 12 - 1.00 ish and there in front of us a mother gave birth and the little one returned our amazed gazes, and checked all her limbs and after a few tumbles was up on her feet. All around her in the paddock other mums nuzzled her and welcomed her to the herd, the father was running wildly up and down showing off and several little ones, only a few weeks old themselves, indicated they would would gladly include her in their game.
In a tumultuous world, it was a special moment, savoured by several of us from Waterville. (Thanks, Wendy!)


At about that same time, I was high atop Moscow Hill, thinking that the view westward across Nine Mile Swamp must be one of the most beautiful around here.

The usual launch site for paddlers does look more "grown in" than usual, but I imagine that the actual channel is keeping its normal depth - which is considerable.

Old barns are becoming quite a rarity - always picturesque, but even moreso when they have purple aster and yellowing grapevines for decoration.

There were some nice ones, but I just couldn't reach them!

Earlier in the day, with my brain still filled with quilting patterns, this barn roof (on Barker Road, I think) caught my eye and brought me to a full stop. I don't THINK that there's a pattern, there, but ......!


If you havn't already done so, you might scroll down to see more photographs that I took over the weekend and also some pictures sent to me by Judith Ogden Kartman.

Darn: I did everything else, but forgot to go to Jordanville to see the Rostropovich Estate!


This is sort-of anti-climactic, but ....

The American League Division Series, with Boston vs. Los Angeles, starts in Boston on Wednesday.


Tomorrow: "Big Trash" collection!

Sunday, September 30, 2007

Weekend's Best - Part I

I took so many pictures over the weekend that if I tried to post them all at once the whole Blogspot System would go into shock. So - here are two batches, to start with!

Judith Ogden Kartman (r.) sent me some photographs that she had taken during the "Cruis-in," on the 22nd.

It's Jack Gorton - of course!

And the Riders!

Judith with ?? and Cousins Tim Burback and Dave Alberding.

(Thanks loads, Judith!)


Then came the bedazzlement of the Mohawk Valley Quilt Club show at the Utica Curling Club.
I don't know how many pieces were displayed, but it took nearly an hour for me to work my way around, and even then I probably missed some that I'd have liked to have seen.

I don't quilt, but I enjoy seeing what those who do can come up with!

This - also in the photo above - was made by Terry Tanner and is called "The Campbell Family History." It contains twenty photograph blocks and was presented to (I hope I remembered this right! ) Joel Campbell's mother on the occasion of her grandson Sean's wedding.

Here, two experience quilters give high marks to Collen Bogan's "Sand-als."

There's no end to the glis and glitter of today's "crazy quilts,"

or the range of subjects: here a mother's Tribute" to her son.