Friday, October 26, 2007


It's 34.5 degrees, with frost in the forecast.

  • Today: Increasing clouds with rain developing after sunset from south to north. High near 60.
  • Tonight: Rain, heavy at times. Low in the low 50s.
  • Saturday: AM rain, tapering to showers. Some breaks of sunshine possible in the afternoon. High: 64, Low: 44
  • Sunday: A few lake effect rain showers. Cooler. Breezy. Widespread frost likely Sunday night. High: 50, Low: 28
The only information that I have about yesterday's WCS showing in the Soccer Finals is that in the Girls' Varsity game against Tully the final score was 0 - 0 with Waterville advancing on PKs. The Boys' team? I don't know, but I'll add on whatever someone might send me. (Thanks!)


It's a shame that the children who probably raked these leaves, on White Street, will never know just how wonderful the Autumn maple-leaf bonfires smelled!

On Madison Street

There are several things that can be done with barberries - my great-grandmother made "shoe-peg pie," so called because the seeds were like the little wooden pegs used to hold soles to uppers, in the very-old days - but I just like looking at them!

Although provides some information about actually using Milkweed, it's another plant that's a great deal more fun to look at - especially this time of year! The breeze - a wind, really - kept shaking seeds loose, setting them free like clouds of fluttery white moths.

There were just a few Canada Geese on this pond, way down on Beaver Creek Road, and the hardwoods on the hillside were nearly all bare.

Poplars - or aspen - are all turning gold, now .............

.......... on a hillside next to Bailey Lake.

Down in Stockwell, Pat dug while Dave supervised .....

......... and the flag flew on Dottie and Inchie's "Schoolhouse."


Things to do

Plant more bulbs, put away lawn furniture, do storm windows...... and that's enough!

For some, the current exhibition at the Munstitute is a "must,"

“My Dead Lady”
Friday, October 26, 2007
7pm MVCC Commons $15 General MVCC fac/staff $10, Students $5
Phone: 315-735-2945

and this looks like a good idea, too: Fort Rickey's Fall Fun Fest isn't just for little kids!

And in baseball .......

the Series continues at 8:00 p.m.
on Saturday, Sunday & Monday in Colorado.


Have a great weekend!

Thursday, October 25, 2007


Garbage Day!


It's happening today!


Varsity Girls
(WCS vs. Tully)
Thursday, October 25 at 2:30 p.m
Tully High School
5848 State Rt. 80, Tully, NY 13159

Varsity Boys
(WCS vs. Faith Heritage)
Thursday, October 25 at 3:00 p.m
Central NY Family Sports Center
7201 Jones Rd., Syracuse, NY 13209


Also Today:

The Crimson Bonnets
of the Red Hat Society

will have lunch at the '50's McDonald's in Richfield Springs
and then go on to the Fly Creek Cider Mill.


The Waterville Rotary Club


this evening at Memorial Park School.


It certainly feels like Hallowe'en.
only 35.8 degrees, here in the Hollow!

  • Thursday: A mix of sun and clouds. Pleasant and mild. High around 60.
  • Thursday night: Partly cloudy with slowly increasing high clouds late. Low in the low 40s.
  • Friday: Starting off with sun and clouds. Rain developing in the afternoon and evening. High: 61, Low: 51

What is Tom going to do when snow comes?

It's a possibility!

Surprise! There will be a new sidewalk on Terry Place!

The new barn down in "Dicksville"........

...... really is huge!

I keep seeing more pretty displays: here's one in Forge Hollow.

Happy Ghosts on Barker Road.


Up in Hanover, the Soy is getting very dry ..........

.......... and corn's been harvested .........

............ but at the Mackintosh's, tall Autumn Anemones still bloom .....

..... and in Boston, the Sox showed no signs of fading, last night!

Speaking of the Mackintoshes -
I wonder how many people know what Steve really does! I usually see him when he's biking 'round town, but ... take a look at his website, CLICK HERE!

Have a great day, everyone!

Wednesday, October 24, 2007


It's Recyclables Day!

open from 10:00 - 4:00.

at the Library at 1:30.


46.4 degrees; drippy.

  • Wednesday: A mix of sun and clouds. A few showers. More clouds than sun at times. Cooler. High in the mid 50s.
  • Wednesday night: Partly cloudy to mainly clear and cold. Low in the low to mid 30s.
  • Thursday: A mix of sun and clouds. High: 60, Low: 41
  • Friday: A chance of showers. High: 63, Low: 48
Well - no one can say that we didn't need the rain!


It was soggy and chilly when I went to ACCESS, yesterday morning. My apologies to all of the cheery people there - I forgot to wait for my camera to un-mist before I started taking pictures!

But there were smiles all around and - yes - popcorn and coffee!

Another ACCESS sign, right in front of the Car Wash, where great changes have been taking place!

Other signs -- all over the village!

What a change! Ms. Anna Foley, the new owner of the former Decker residence on Buell Avenue, has removed all of the old siding and is painting the original clapboards a nice pale gray. I had never noticed the details in the woodwork around the front door: I wonder what she'll do to accent them!

A new porch had been added and a somewhat deeper shade of gray is appearing on the Cornish's lovely new/old home out on Hanover Road.


On Berrill Avenue, the new sidewalk extends all the way to the "Manion Farm" - much farther than it used to.


Just this side of Deansboro.


Note from the writer: No! I neither request, suggest or even accept payment for promoting any events and/or services on this blog. I've been asked, but prefer to keep things the way they are -- that way, I can be picky!




The World Series starts tonight at 8:00.

The blog may be late, tomorrow!


Tuesday, October 23, 2007


56.7 degrees and raining.
  • Tuesday: Rain, locally heavy at times. Breezy and a bit mild. High in the low 60s.
  • Tuesday night: Rain tapering off to showers. Some clearing late. Low in the mid 40s.
  • Wednesday: A mix of sun and clouds with the off chance of a shower Cooler. High: 53, Low: 32
  • Thursday: Sunshine! Mild. High: 60, Low: 37

I had a phone call from Wayne Brouillette at around 4:30, yesterday afternoon, telling me that ACCESS was OPEN! (And that they had a popcorn machine and were serving Green Mountain Coffee!)

Later, this E-mail from John Brouillette:
"ACCESS Federal Credit Union opened "unofficially" yesterday and will officially open today, with the drive-through opening at 7:30."


Yesterday was fantastic: warm, sunny, and perfect for working outdoors or washing windows or going for a Scenic Ride - which is what I did!

I had chatted with Mark Mowrey for a while, at the Pancake Breakfast on Sunday morning, and he asked me, then, if I'd ever heard of "Rosa Mystica." I hadn't. (My first thought was that Dan Brown had a new book out!) But Mark went on to describe Rosa Mystica as a shrine with a chapel and a great many crosses up on top of a hill outside of Edmeston! He and his family had searched for and found it the day before.

Dick and I thought we'd covered just about all the roads - paved and not - in this part of New York State, but we'd missed this one! So ------

I got to Edmeston by driving South on Route 12 to Sherburne and then travelling Eastward on Route 80 to Route 8 -- it was beautiful!

South a bit more and then East, again,

passing the historic Beardslee Homestead and Hop House. (Is this the same Beardslee that built the stone "castle" on Route 5?)

Here's a map that will show you how to find Rosa Mystica.

While you're at the website, please look at their Photo Gallery - the pictures are far better than mine. And if you decide to go there, yourself, remember to take a right-hand turn onto East Street in the center of Edmeston. I missed it, first time through, but had a very scenic detour! (My next car will have a navigation system!)


Somewhere on Route 80.

On Route 8, south of Bridgewater.

I drove up Route 8 as far as Larson Road - the far end of Canning Factory Road - and stopped on top of a hill to look at the clouds. There was so much moisture in them that a shimmery "rainbow effect" was taking place! (Click the picture!) Just like "Northern Lights!"


Today I'll get back to work and find something around Waterville tell you about!

Monday, October 22, 2007


It's Garbage Day!

53 degrees, aiming high!

  • Monday: Mostly sunny and near record warmth. High: 80
  • Monday night: Increasing clouds. Low: 50
  • Tuesday: Rain developing. High: 61, Low: 42
  • Wednesday: Mostly cloudy with scattered showers. Cool. High: 50, Low: 34


What a great weekend!

It's Abby!

......... flashing one of her fabulous smiles to the hundreds who packed the Fire House, yesterday morning, for a Pancake Breakfast in her benefit.

I think the whole village was there ......

........ even the WCS Boys' Varsity Soccer Team!


Another gathering took place late in the afternoon at "Michael's" when parishioners of Grace Episcopal Church and members of the community came to say Goodbye to Byron and Hester Stuhlman who will leave Waterville at the end of the month on an Adventure in Retirement at Round Pond, Maine.

They barely had time to grab a bite .........

...... between handshakes and hugs and kind words from their many friends.

Next Sunday at 10:00, Bishop Gladstone "Skip" Adams (above r., talking with Rev. Ed Townsend) will celebrate the Holy Eucharist at the conclusion of Byon's ministry and the recognition of Ann Stillman as Priest-in-Charge at Grace Episcopal Church.


Outdoors ........ you don't have to go very far to find magnificent foliage!

Just drive a bit North of Daytonville Road on Route 12 .........

....... to see brilliant maples and scarlet sumac .........

......... or South on Mason Road where leaves of Swamp Maple look like confetti against Hemlock and Pine.



I took this picture during a shower on Saturday afternoon. Even then, the colors were grand!

Take a break; go for a ride; don't miss them!



Tracy Tanner knew what she was doing when she bought tickets for Game 7!

Boston meets Colorado in the World Series starting at 8:00 Wendnesday evening!


Have a Great Day!