Saturday, February 24, 2007

Saturday afternoon

It's 24 degrees, at a little after 2 o'clock and 'tho it still feels quite cold the sunshine is really warm and a chickadee, here in the Hollow, is singing its Springtime song!

The snowbanks on Fuess-Cleary Road look as if they're made of meringue!

Icicles certainly aren't desirable, but - as long as we have them - we may as well find them interesting!

Mary Rose has the right outlook: keep watching the sign!

In the village, more cleanup, just in case the weathermen's predictions of "partly cloudy" and "scattered snow showers" turn into something else!

Have a nice evening.
We'll probably be off for a Ride in the Country, tomorrow.

Saturday morning

9.1 degrees.

Today's forecast from WKTV:

Saturday: Partly sunny with scattered snow showers. High 25

Decisions; decisions!
I know two things I'd like to be doing, today

standing at the top of a run at Snow Ridge

or going snowmobiling on a deep-woods trail, or

going to Ilion, this afternoon!


It's a big day for the WCS Girls' Varsity Basketball Team: the Lady Indians meet West Canada in the Class C-2 Semifinals at the Ilion Highschool at 4:00 P.M.


The last item in the current issue of "Library Lines" caught my attention: " March 23, 2007, 7:00 p.m. for the first of our Brothertown libraries’ concert series (with the Clark Memorial Library)—presenting, free of charge, saxophonist/clarinetist Al Gallodoro and his quartet in Waterville Public Library’s new program room." Not just because I think the idea is great, but that Mr. Reynolds makes reference to the "Brothertown Libraries."

It made me wonder if the directors of the "Brothertown Libraries" or the many WCS students and fans who attend games at "Brothertown Field" and cheer the "Indians" really know the story of Samson Occom and "Brothertown" - how it came to be, and why it is no more?

Samson Occom 1723 - 1792

Many of the descendants of the Brothertowns who once lived here now live in Wisconsin. Their story continues, here.


Among the several inqueries that I received, yesterday, when both the blog and I were "down," were letters from two people whom I've never met! Paul Fleischmann wondered what was wrong, as did Shirley Eisenhut (or Bynum) Smith, Heddy Eisenhut's daughter. She also talked about books to read (whether or not you're laid up) and I think I want to read them all - right after I finish one that my husband just got for me: "Mistress of the Art of Death" - described as CSI meets Canterbury Tales - by Ariana Franklin, the pen name of a well-known author of historical novels.)

Shirley suggests - "I've just finished a couple of mysteries by Julia Spencer-Fleming (the main character is a female Episcopal priest in the Adirondacks). Next is Sebastian Faulks' new book, Human Traces (he's the author of Birdsong, a gut-wrenching novel about World War I, and one of my favorite books), and at the same time I will begin Daniel Trammet's Born on a Blue Day (he's the autistic savant who lives in England; just heard him on NPR last night and read about him in the New York Times last week). I'll surely have to read another mystery at the same time, to break up the heavier stuff."

And to add to your choices of what to do on a Wintery Saturday, consider stopping in at St. James Episcopal Church on Williams Street in Clinton, sometime between 10:00 and 4:00 to hear - or even join in! -the New York State Regional Midwinter "Sacred Harp Singing." Sacred Harp - or Shaped Note - singing is "an obscure and distinctive form of a cappella gospel music that dates back 200 years." And it's become hugely popular in major cities, over the past ten or fifteen years.

If you've never heard "Sacred Harp," be prepared to be "blown away!" "It's like nothing you've ever heard before!"

The music is polyphonic and singers sit in a square, the four traditional "parts" facing each other. Different people take turns leading. The leader, besides directing the tempo or speed also sets the pitch - which is relative, and has nothing to do with A440.

It's always the first "verse" that leaves listeners open-mouthed with astoundment: it's not a verse of the hymn - they're singing the "shapes" of the notes! "Fa, sol, la, etc."

And here's what a song called "Ballstown" sounds like.... first the shapes, then verse 1.

Just go and listen for a while, or take one of the "loaner" books and follow along; make all the noise you want to ---- that's the joy of it! Sacred Harp is, in more ways than one, "Glorious!"


My husband, just reading the blog, has remembered a equally glorious occassion when, five or six years ago, fifty or so "Brothertown Indians" came to visit Old Brothertown. At a special church service in Deansboro, several Sacred Harp singers performed a group of shaped-note hymns, two or three of which had been written by Presbyterian minister and Brothertown leader, Samson Occom.

Friday, February 23, 2007

Friday morning

That's me, yesterday. I spent the day in bed with a bug!

But it's left and I'm back!

Thank you for your notes and letters!


It's Garbage Day!

18.3 degrees, and everything has a puffy new frosting of snow on it.

Actually, more than just a "puffy frosting" - more like 6" -
and a goldfinch, with just a tinge of yellow underneath its chin,
could reasonably be classified as a "Coldfinch," this morning.

The WKTV forecast:

Today: Clouds and peeks of sun, breezy and cold with scattered snow showers. High 19
Friday Night: Mostly cloudy with scattered snow showers. Low 7
Saturday: Partly sunny with scattered snow showers. High 25 Low 13
Sunday: Increasing clouds with an icy mix of snow, sleet and freezing rain developing late. High 19 Low 7

It was bright and sunny on Wednesday and .........

... while wild turkeys strolled a sunny hillside east of Paris Station without benefit of sidewalk,

the village's "Bobcat" dug out several sidewalks, including one to Sangerfield and the one on the Buell Avenue Hill, both welcomed by human population.


GIRLS BASETBALL - Saturday's Semifinals

1-West Canada Valley (19-2) vs. 4-Waterville (10-10) at Ilion at 4:00 P.M.


Check back later for today's snow pix.

Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Wednesday morning

The WCS Girls' Varsity Basketball team did it again!



Yesterday's high? 43 degrees!

Not all of the sidewalks on Main Street were this bare, but these two fellows couldn't resist getting their bikes out to celebrate Spring!

The Waterville DPW .......

and the Town of Sangerfield trucks were out carving away snowbanks.

"K.C." and Mr. Pesto were on their afternoon rounds,

and several mallard ducks paddled on the little pond at the foot of Grant Hill.


Starting out at 31 degrees, it's going to be another mild day!

(from WKTV) "Expect clouds and at least some sun with highs in the mid 30's. It ought to remain dry aside from a stray flurry in spots early on.

Tonight will feature partly to mostly cloudy skies with overnight lows falling back into the low to mid 20's.

An "Alberta Clipper Plus" will move our way tomorrow
with a period of snow from mid-morning on. At this point we expect a general 2"-4" of accumulation with perhaps some locally higher amounts, especially on the hilltops. The snow may indeed be elevation-driven with temperatures only marginally cold. Look for highs near 32.

Some lake effect snow showers will shift south and west of town during the day on Friday. It will be a colder day with highs only in the mid 20's."

Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Tuesday morning

It's 24.8 degrees; no new snow.

from AccuWeather

From the Weather Team at WKTV:

Today: Mostly cloudy with scattered flurries and sprinkles. Not as cold. High 35

"Temperatures will be near the seasonal average for most of the week, with hit and miss snow showers expected. A potent storm system will develop by the end of the week, possibly affecting our weather in Central New York by Sunday. This system appears to be running a bit warmer than the past few storms, so we can expect a rain/snow mix for Sunday and Monday. Some light icing may be a factor in our weather for Sunday. We still have a few days to fine tune the forecast, so we will keep you posted! In the meantime, the pleasant temperatures this week will finally give us a chance to go out and enjoy the snow!"


The management probably had no idea what was going to happen when they decided to keep doors to Sangertown Mall closed, for a few mornings, so that ice and snow could be cleared from their parkinglots and walkways. It caused a near riot! (The crisis, however, has now been averted. Doors will open today at 7:00 A.M.)


With increased awareness of a need to finally - after nearly forty years - develop and adopt a Comprehensive (Master) Plan along with the public's now-evident desire to have established an Historic Preservation Ordinance to protect the appearance of the Historic Triangle District and Main Street, Village officials might take a ride to Dolgeville, sometime, and talk to officials there. On Friday, a celebration will take place there marking the end of a $724,000 Main Street Revitalization Project. (How did they do that???)


We could do it, and it could be fun!

Proper Pancake Race Rules require that dresses (or skirts), aprons and hats (or scarves) be worn....... 'tho not necesarily by women. Something to think about, for next year!

In the current issue of "Library Lines," Jeff Reynolds lists the following daily newspapers, subscribed to by the library: Wall Street Journal, New York Times, Albany Times Union (for closeup coverage of New York State politics and government) the Observer-Dispatch and the Christian Science Monitor.

Was that a raised eyebrow?

No: the Monitor is NOT a religious periodical.

Here's a bit of its history, taken from the Monitor website:

“Consider this case. It is 1907. An elderly New England woman finds herself being targeted by Joseph Pulitzer's New York World. She is 86 years old and holds some unconventional religious beliefs that she expounds in a book. The book becomes a bestseller, making her wealthy and a well-known public figure.

The New York World decides she is incapable of managing her own affairs and persuades some of her friends and her two sons to sue for control of her estate.

Although Boston and New Hampshire newspapers and major wire services interview this person and find her competent, the New York World is unrelenting. The lady in question finally is taken to court where the case against her is dropped.

And the next year this woman, Mary Baker Eddy, founds The Christian Science Monitor.

Given her experience with the press, it is not all that surprising that she sets as the Monitor's goal ‘to injure no man, but to bless all mankind.’ In one of life's little ironies, Joseph Pulitzer went on to endow the Pulitzer prizes for journalistic excellence. And Mrs. Eddy's newspaper went on to win five Pulitzers so far." [......the Monitor won a sixth Pulitzer — the 1996 prize for international reporting, and a seventh Pulitzer in 2002 for editorial cartooning.]

Monday, February 19, 2007

Monday afternoon

Grocery List:

  1. something for Monday Supper,
  2. soup makings for Tuesday noontime,

and then relax
and go to

The Annual

Shrove Tuesday



Grace Episcopal Church

5:00 - 7:00 P.M.

$4 per person; $10 per family.

Proceeds will benefit World Relief

Monday morning

It's minus 3.6 degrees.

(but I'm sure that one of the warmer readings for this morning, in this area.)

We havn't seen a doppler image as green as this in quite a while!

From WKTV:
"An arctic cold front crossed the area yesterday and brought some scattered light snow showers. A few areas, especially south and west of Rome likely saw a few inches of accumulation from lake effect overnight. You'll want to watch out for a few slick spots west of town (Utica) early today, but even here, any lake effect snow showers will continue to wind down."

Then look at this!

Tuesday: Mostly cloudy with light snow likely. High 32 Low 25
Wednesday: Partly sunny with a chance for snow showers. High 32 Low 20
Thursday: Partly sunny with a slight chance for a snow shower. High 34 Low 20
Friday: Partly cloudy. High 30 Low 20
Saturday: Mostly cloudy with chance for snow or rain showers. High 35 Low 23
Sunday: Cloudy with rain or snow likely. High 38


I know some people who were going to be going to the Annual Snowfest to see the results of the New York State Snow Sculpting Championships in Cooperstown. Perhaps they took photographs that they might share!


The WCS Boys' Varsity Basketball Team lost to Manlius Pebble Hill, on Saturday: 53 - 36.

The WCS Girls' Varsity Basketball Team will meet Fabius-Pompey in the quarter-final rounds tomorrow night at Waterville.


Sunday, February 18, 2007

Sunday morning, with add-ons

It's 21.9 degrees and a nice, light snow was falling at 6 o'clock.

"Lake Effect" is in progress up north, right now, but our forecast is for just a few tolerable inches.

The John Albert Classic in Oriskany Falls was a tremendous success, yesterday.

There was plenty of snow for the snowmobiles,
and we won't need any more in the village for a while.

Big snow requires big shovels!

The Waterville DPW was back on the job, this morning,
cleaning off E. Main Street.

First they make a small mountain .......
and load it into the dump truck....

.which then goes to the great snow repository on Firemen's Field.

Elsewhere - the Crandalls are keeping their mail and newspaper boxes uncovered ..........

...and several roofs, like this one of White Street, are being cleared of snow.


And a reminder:

Tomorrow is a holiday,
Garbage will be collected on Tuesday.

Village Board meets Wednesday;
Recyclable collection on Thursday
Garbage, again, on Friday.