Monday, July 27, 2009

Catching Up!



and just 60 degrees.

The WKTV Weather Forecast says it's SUMMER!

"A pleasant start to the work week...with the warmest weather we've seen so far this summer expected mid week.

A cold front will pass through the area today, bringing with it a few showers and thunderstorms early this afternoon. Today will be partly sunny, noticeably less humid, and seasonable with highs near 80. Though we do run that risk of a shower or storm, most of the area will be dry throughout the day and especially by the evening hours as high pressure begins to push in.

Not only will the area of high pressure bring sunshine and drier conditions, it will also bring a big warm up into the region. Tuesday and Wednesday will feature mostly sunny skies and temperatures into the upper 80s. The humidity will be very noticable by Wednesday.

A stronger cold front moves in Wednesday, bringing us relief from the heat. Temperatures near the end of the week will average in the low 80s."

The sign went up on Saturday morning, and when I got there --- at around 10:30 or so --- the parking lot was jammed, the shop looked like the legendary "Filene's Basement" and the corn bins were nearly empty! Yes - I did get some .... and it was Goooood!

(Savicki's first picking last year was on July 15th!)


"Hooray for Hollywood!"

Angie's back, and she sent me this picture taken on the Game Show Channel set with Heidi Bohay, Alfonso Ribero, Bo Griffin and her sister Michelle. Angie won the all-expense-paid three-day trip for two to Hollywood (plus the handsome check!) for entering the winning name for the show's Dalmatian: "Spotticus!"


Another Winner!


Cheyenne won second place in the 8 to 10 year old category for her drawing in the Oneida County Youth Bureau’s Sidewalk Art Competition in front of PRATT at Munson-Williams-Proctor Arts Institute, Thursday, July 23, 2009, in Utica. Cheyenne qualified for the chalk art finals by winning the local art competition at the Town of Marshall Summer Recreation Program in Deansboro. An estimated 50 youth, ages five to 16 from around the county participated in the event.

Congratulations, Cheyenne!


This evening at Grace Episcopal Church


St. Paul's Episcopal Church in Paris, NY.

St. Paul's is the oldest Episcopal Church in the Syracuse Diocese. The church has worship services every year during the month of August. Sunday Worship Services are at 4:00 pm. On the last Sunday, August 30th, Grace Church, Waterville will host the service in Paris and Bishop "Skip" Adams will preach. All are invited to attend.

Services at Grace Church, Waterville will continue throughout August at the usual time -10:00 am.


Scott Legacy's getting ready to paint - or stain?


A Country Garden On Madison Street


Have you been to the Library lately?

Go and see for yourself!


Along Country Roads

"Bouncing Bet" or "Soapwort"

Soapwort was brought to this country from Great Britain and Europe because it is an easy to grow herb that contains beneficial saponins which make a gentle and effective cleansing agent as use for laundry and as a natural source for shampoo.

Soapwort originally comes from Europe and the Middle East where its cleansing attributes have been utilized for centuries. The Latin name for soapwort is Saponaria officionalis, the Latin name saponaria is from the Latin word for soap.

All parts of the plant can be used for making a soap-like decoction: however, the roots have the highest concentration of saponin. The Syrians used it for washing wool products while the Swiss used it to bathe their sheep before shearing. Medieval fullers would use soapwort during the finishing process for cloth.

The effectiveness of soapwort for fabrics was recognized by the National Trust in Britain who for decades continued to use soapwort to clean delicate tapestries and linens because most modern detergents were too harsh.

Saponaria officionalis has a long list of common names including bouncing bet, bruisewort, farewell summer, fuller’s herb, joe run by the street, hedge pink, dog’s clove, old maid’s pink, soaproot, and of course, soapwort.



I haven't heard anything at all from the gang in Florida since they cross the state line! (I think this mean that they're having too much fun to fiddle with sending telephone photos!)

I'll let you know as soon as I learn anything!

Have a Great Day!

Tuesday, January 1, 2008



(It's a link - and so isn't the sunrise! Please click on it!)

Monday, December 31, 2007


Garbage Day!

It's 30 degrees and the plows are out!!!

It snowed!

The depth, on my front porch and railings, seems to be about 6",

and looking upward into trees everything's turned to lace!

  • Monday: Cloudy with light snow. Total snowfall accumulations between 4-7". High: 32
  • Monday night: Mostly cloudy. Low: 26
  • Tuesday: Cloudy with snow. Moderate accumulations possible. High: 32, Low: 17
  • Wednesday: Much colder with a chance for lake effect snow squalls. High: 17, Low: -1


It was chilly, yesterday morning, and pigeons fought for space atop the tower at SouthGate Ministries - the old Presbyterian Church on Main Street - where there must be a warm spot!

I swung through Bouckville, later in the day.

Some of the shops were open, but I didn't see any signs of touristy shoppers.

The pond at Lyons' Mills looked as if there should be skaters!

Barb McNamara sent me this picture of her Grand-puppy. "My daughter Rachel brought her home from Miami to spend Christmas with us. Her name is Lucy and she is an 8month old Havenese. She may be tiny but not a bit afraid of the deeper snow she experienced when she first got here. Definetly a lot of fun to watch." I hope she still here to enjoy the snow, this morning!


First Garbage, then more pix!

Have a Great Day!

Sunday, December 30, 2007

Sunday Morning

31 degrees; no new snow.
  • Sunday: Thickening clouds, with a chance of steady light snow late and at night. High: 34
  • Sunday night: Light snow. Accumulations likely. Low: 27
  • Monday: Cloudy with light snow. High: 32, Low: 26

Parishioners attending the

10:30 Mass at St. Bernard's Catholic Church,

this morning,

will receive a special musical gift presented by a

Brass Ensemble

comprised of both students and graduates of

Waterville Central School.


There's no snow to shovel, so Tom Morgan's Sidewalk Showroom remains open!

Staff at the Waterville Public Library have been watching this: some serious logging taking place on the Eastern edge of what used to be called "Mayer's Woods." Is this simply "logging"? or something else?

Looking West from Daytonville Road.

So many trails; so little snow!


Have a Good Day!

Friday, December 28, 2007


It's 33.4 degrees. No overnight snowfall.

If this is what you're looking for, you'll have to pack up and drive North!

  • Today: Some sunshine possible this morning. Clouds thickening by afternoon. Wintry mix will arrive this evening. High: 38
  • Tonight: Snow and sleet, changing to rain. Low: 35
  • Saturday: Mostly cloudy with early morning snow showers. High: 40, Low: 27
  • Sunday: Mostly cloudy with snow showers. High: 34 Low: 25



Becky Maggio sent me this poster of pictures that she took at the Kids' Party at the American Legion on the 16th. (Thanks, Becky!)


I was away for a couple of days and came back yesterday afternoon to find this new addition to St. Bernard's Catholic Church.


A friend in Maine sent this poem to me on Christmas Day. It was written by "Annie," who has kindly given me permission to share it with you:

‘Twas just weeks before Christmas and at the North Pole,
Santa Claus was outraged by his new proposed role.
For as elves in the workshop were all keeping busy,
Making so many toys it made them all dizzy,
And Santa and Missus were both full of smiles
As they plotted his course for cov’ring the miles,
Suddenly there’d been a knock at the door,
And Santa was soon shocked by what was in store.
For there on the porch stood a man with a letter,
Who said, "I have come to make the world better!"
Handing Santa the letter, he bowed from the waist,
And departed the scene with a great deal of haste.
"Department of P.C."—the return address—
gave Santa a shudder he couldn’t suppress.
But he’d opened it up as he turned from the door,
And the elves, and his Missus, were shocked by his roar!
"Those people are crazy!" was the rotund man’s yell.
"I should have told that guy to go straight to hell!
For listen to what those fool P.C. folks charge:
They think that old Santa is, simply, too large!"
Seems the food-police types, daring not to offend
Wanted him to be part of the slimming-down trend.
"The plump-Santa image most surely should cease,
For an icon like Santa must not be obese!"
"And," the letter went on, "when you laugh, say ‘HEE HEE,’
‘Cause ‘HO HO’ might offend certain ladies, you see.
And, oh, since we know you’re an upstanding type,
Of course, you must also dispense with the pipe."
And it closed with their thanks, as they’re sure he’ll comply
Since everyone knows Santa’s such a nice guy.
Then he, Missus Claus, and the elves had a talk,
And decided ‘twas time that somebody balk,
And doesn’t give in—let the P.C. folks natter.
The children’s opinion is all that should matter!
So Santa sent letters to kids far and wide;
He told them the problem and let them decide.
And then, return mail began to appear,
And Santa and Missus soon grinned ear-to-ear.
For kids ‘round the world wanted him fat and jolly,
With a hearty HO HO, and his old pipe, by golly!
And the P.C. Police, though they grumbled and whined,
Admitted they’d lost and became resigned,
And slunk to their cubicles, where they should be—
For a legend has nothing to do with P.C.!


Also in my mailbox, new photographs by Library Director Jeff Reynolds.

He had spotted these wonderful old buildings on Route 80 East of Sherburne on a cold gray day, made a hasty U-turn and taken several pictures.

The ornamentation on the house certainly is "gingerbread," in the extreme. This must have been an elegant home, a hundred or more years ago. Perhaps a blog-reader knows its history?


Whenever I go away I have the feeling that I'm probably missing all sorts of important or interesting "happenings" that should be recorded either here or in "In Timely Manner" in The Waterville Times. Did I? Please let me know!!

Have a Great Weekend!!!

Wednesday, December 26, 2007


Recyclables Day!

It's 22 degrees; no new snow.

  • Today: Partly cloudy and mild. High: 40
  • Tonight: Increasing clouds. Low: 24
  • Thursday: Mostly cloudy with rain and/or snow showers. High: 38, Low: 25
  • Friday: Mostly cloudy with light rain showers. High: 40, Low: 30
  • Saturday: Mostly cloudy. High: 39, Low: 23
  • Sunday: Mostly cloudy with rain/snow showers. High: 35 Low: 24

If you're itching to get outdoors and feel packed powder beneath your feet, you can check out places where they have it --- for both downhill and X-country skiing - at the I Love NY Tourism site.

Youngsters (of all ages) who have ice skates may even find some of the local farm ponds awfully inviting!


On Saturday

"Winter Photography"
Rogers Nature Center in Sherburne
10:00 - 1:00



"Pancake Breakfast"
at the United Methodist Church in Madison
from 7:00 - 11:00

Pancakes, sausage, scrambled eggs, homefries, orange juice & coffee

All you can eat! Adults $5; Children $3.


Here's another activity you might consider. Cindy Gallagher has written with this request:

"I am looking for 2 or 3 retired people who might be interested in being on a phone list that my mother-in-law, Roseann Gallagher, could call for transportation. She has been such a busy lady all her life that she is having trouble being happy without driving. She could pay the person's per hour and mileage to take her places like the stores here in town, shopping and appointments in Utica. (She is not too thrilled with this idea yet, so please contact Paul or me if you're willing to help. Our phone number is 841-3370 or my cell is 415-2295.) This would help us immensely.


I clipped this from the Library website.

I was chatting with Ron and Val Schenk in the Post Office Parking lot, the other morning, and Val bemoaned the fact thaat she must not have won the Morgan's 12-Days of Christmas Raffle because no one had called. Well: she went home and guess what happened! Tom DID call; she DID win! Congratulations!!!


Sandy Harding wrote that she and Bob spent the week before Christmas celebrating with his sister Elaine Ralls in Prescott, Arizona The reason for the celebration was Catherine Ralls' graduation from Prescott College where she majored in photography. "We attended all the functions associated with the great day and really enjoyed the art show presented by our niece. There was plenty of time to spend with our son James, his wife Lisa and our 4 "out west" grandchildren. It was the closest we have come to spending Christmas with him in the 18 years he has been in Arizona. A great time was had by all."


I'm going to be away for a couple of days and may or may not be able to post anything on the blog. However - I'll make up for it when I come home and will be checking my mailbox for some of YOUR Christmas pictures (72 dpi JPEGS, please!) and stories to share!

Enjoy your vacation!

Monday, December 24, 2007

Christmas Eve

Yesterday's rain did it: the snow's all but gone and fields are nearly bare.

The alpaca at Rancho Cerritos had a skating rink in their front yard ..........

.......... but villagers were out and around, everywhere. These two - Debby Camp and friend -
weren't just plodding; they were running!

Lights were being hung on a Sanger Avenue tree and, at dusk, they were lovely!

The village - snowless, but lamplit - seemed to be rolling up the sidewalks at 5:00.

But on Putnam Street, the Barneys' and ....

...the Verdons' glowed! If you were to take an evening ride around the community, you might agree that at least eighty - nearly ninety - percent of the residences have some sort of Seasonal Illumination!

"Henny Penny, the Sky is Falling!"

Again. There was a small crisis at St. Bernard's Church, early in the day, when some more pieces of ornamental stonework fell from high on the towers of the building.

Louis C. Langone had his camera in hand and sent these photographs of Fr. Tom consulting with riggers and the lift that carried experts to the tower to assess damage and/or risk.

All must have been well, for, at a few minutes before 4 o'clock yesterday afternoon, Doug Plourde opened the door to show me that the sanctuary was, indeed, full.


And now, to all of you ....

(click image)

You probably know how much Dick loved putting "friendship candles" in all of our windows - house AND barn - and so, with him in mind, I drew this picture of the House in the Hollow as a "Thank You" to All of our Grand Friends who have been so good to me this past year. God Bless you All!

And may you have a Bright and Happy Christmas!