Monday, July 27, 2009

Catching Up!



and just 60 degrees.

The WKTV Weather Forecast says it's SUMMER!

"A pleasant start to the work week...with the warmest weather we've seen so far this summer expected mid week.

A cold front will pass through the area today, bringing with it a few showers and thunderstorms early this afternoon. Today will be partly sunny, noticeably less humid, and seasonable with highs near 80. Though we do run that risk of a shower or storm, most of the area will be dry throughout the day and especially by the evening hours as high pressure begins to push in.

Not only will the area of high pressure bring sunshine and drier conditions, it will also bring a big warm up into the region. Tuesday and Wednesday will feature mostly sunny skies and temperatures into the upper 80s. The humidity will be very noticable by Wednesday.

A stronger cold front moves in Wednesday, bringing us relief from the heat. Temperatures near the end of the week will average in the low 80s."

The sign went up on Saturday morning, and when I got there --- at around 10:30 or so --- the parking lot was jammed, the shop looked like the legendary "Filene's Basement" and the corn bins were nearly empty! Yes - I did get some .... and it was Goooood!

(Savicki's first picking last year was on July 15th!)


"Hooray for Hollywood!"

Angie's back, and she sent me this picture taken on the Game Show Channel set with Heidi Bohay, Alfonso Ribero, Bo Griffin and her sister Michelle. Angie won the all-expense-paid three-day trip for two to Hollywood (plus the handsome check!) for entering the winning name for the show's Dalmatian: "Spotticus!"


Another Winner!


Cheyenne won second place in the 8 to 10 year old category for her drawing in the Oneida County Youth Bureau’s Sidewalk Art Competition in front of PRATT at Munson-Williams-Proctor Arts Institute, Thursday, July 23, 2009, in Utica. Cheyenne qualified for the chalk art finals by winning the local art competition at the Town of Marshall Summer Recreation Program in Deansboro. An estimated 50 youth, ages five to 16 from around the county participated in the event.

Congratulations, Cheyenne!


This evening at Grace Episcopal Church


St. Paul's Episcopal Church in Paris, NY.

St. Paul's is the oldest Episcopal Church in the Syracuse Diocese. The church has worship services every year during the month of August. Sunday Worship Services are at 4:00 pm. On the last Sunday, August 30th, Grace Church, Waterville will host the service in Paris and Bishop "Skip" Adams will preach. All are invited to attend.

Services at Grace Church, Waterville will continue throughout August at the usual time -10:00 am.


Scott Legacy's getting ready to paint - or stain?


A Country Garden On Madison Street


Have you been to the Library lately?

Go and see for yourself!


Along Country Roads

"Bouncing Bet" or "Soapwort"

Soapwort was brought to this country from Great Britain and Europe because it is an easy to grow herb that contains beneficial saponins which make a gentle and effective cleansing agent as use for laundry and as a natural source for shampoo.

Soapwort originally comes from Europe and the Middle East where its cleansing attributes have been utilized for centuries. The Latin name for soapwort is Saponaria officionalis, the Latin name saponaria is from the Latin word for soap.

All parts of the plant can be used for making a soap-like decoction: however, the roots have the highest concentration of saponin. The Syrians used it for washing wool products while the Swiss used it to bathe their sheep before shearing. Medieval fullers would use soapwort during the finishing process for cloth.

The effectiveness of soapwort for fabrics was recognized by the National Trust in Britain who for decades continued to use soapwort to clean delicate tapestries and linens because most modern detergents were too harsh.

Saponaria officionalis has a long list of common names including bouncing bet, bruisewort, farewell summer, fuller’s herb, joe run by the street, hedge pink, dog’s clove, old maid’s pink, soaproot, and of course, soapwort.



I haven't heard anything at all from the gang in Florida since they cross the state line! (I think this mean that they're having too much fun to fiddle with sending telephone photos!)

I'll let you know as soon as I learn anything!

Have a Great Day!