Saturday, January 13, 2007

Soggy Saturday

It's that first sound that you hear when you wake up - tires on wet pavement - that tells you it's raining. And the temperature's 44.6 degrees at 6 o'clock.


The WKTV NewsChannel 2's Weather team gives us some hope, however:

"Saturday night-Sunday morning: Quiet in the evening, but clouds thicken up after midnight as an area of low pressure travels on that cold front stalled to our south. Warmer air will try and eek in here a few thousand feet up, but not at the ground. As a result, an icy mix of snow, sleet and freezing rain is likely on Sunday morning. This will likely create some travel problems around the area. Stay tuned to the forecast if you have plans on Sunday morning.

This should all quiet down Sunday afternoon. Then, on Sunday night, a stronger storm will travel along the cold front to our south. This time though, the air over us will be cold enough for snow and sleet. And some of the snow could be locally heavy. At this point, we don't anticipate an extreme storm, but there will be accumulating plowable snow on Sunday night and Monday across most of the viewing area."

(I am having a hard time finding a source for basketball scores. If anyone can send me a link, I'll be glad to follow it!)

Waterville Tops Canastota 67-56.

Waterville beat Canastota 67-56 on Friday. The Indians were led by Mason Clapp's 27 points and 14 rebounds. The win improves the Indians record to 6-7, 3-2 in the league. Todd Livingston chipped in 20 points and 10 rebounds.

Sherburne-Earlville 60, Waterville 55

Erin Dowdall and Courtney Kurtz combined for 11 fourth-quarter points and Kurtz made three steals in the final minute and half in Sherburne-Earville's CSC II victory.
Dowdall finished with 15 points, Kurtz had 13 and Adrienne Cross 10 for S-E. Sarah Bowie led Waterville with 21 points.


This time, the blogger really was up in the middle of the night, trying - yet again! - to come up with a way to show you some of the images in this blog in full-screen size. Not all of the photographs deserve that, but some of the bright ones do!

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

Click HERE: not on the picture!
to see the full-size Red Pansy

O.K. - That works! Now all I need is some light, bright, picture-taking weather!! (and a couple hours' sleep!)

Friday, January 12, 2007

Friday morning

It's 32.5 degrees at 5:50, with a very light - but pretty! - snow shower in progress.

From WKTV News Channel 2 -

Today: A *light* mix of snow, freezing rain or rain in the morning, becoming just rain or snow showers, with little to no accumulation. Highs in the mid to upper 30s.
Tonight: A few rain or snow showers. Minor accumulations. Low near 30.
Saturday: Mainly cloudy with a chance of a few flurries. High: 33, Low: 22
Sunday: Becoming cloudy with an icy mix of snow, sleet, or freezing rain possible late. High: 35, Low: 29

Yesterday, on Gridley-Paige Road.


HEADLINES from Page 1 of this week's issue of the Waterville Times.

"New Lights Might Come This Week" - and other items from last week's Village Board Meeting.

"Bobcat Alert" - the NYS DEC asks that sightings be reported to 1-800-388-8244, ext. 247.

"Tickets Available for Knapp Induction." Former Brookfield basketball coach Al Knapp will be inducted into the New York State Basketball Hall of Fame at a ceremony in Glens Falls on March 24.

"Marshall Seeks Two Asessors" - Earlier deadline for applications extended to January 15.

"Springtime in January" - photo story: rollerbladers and car-washers.

"On the Job" - photo: Joan Wittenbeck, new Postmistress at the Sangerfield Post Office.


Social Notes & Items of Interest
excerpted from "In Timely Manner."

Temperatures, last week, crept upward through the forties into the fifties and on Saturday, the 6th, they topped out. According to WKTV Meteorologist Bill Kardas, “The Mohawk Valley shattered a 61-year record today as temperatures climbed to 62 degrees, a new record high for the day. The previous high temperature for Jan. 6 was 58 degrees, which was recorded in 1946,” he said.

Young bicyclists zipped around the village in T-shirts and runners wore tank tops and shorts! Pussy willows and pansies were seen blooming, and fits of Spring Fever even led some ladies to bouts of Spring Cleaning!

A Timely announcement was received by the writer who encourages local readers to join her in declaring battle on overstuffed closets, dresser drawers and cupboards: starting on January 20th, discarded CLOTHING, good used TOYS and small HOUSEHOLD ITEMS may be delivered to the church hall at St. Bernard’s Catholic church for the great Annual Clothing Give-Away that will take place on January 26th and 27th. The Give-away is sponsored by the Food Pantry and the Senior Citizens and is OPEN to the PUBLIC! (We note that it takes place in St. Bernard’s church hall because that is the largest space available for the length of time necessary to sort displays - and sometimes even that is not large enough!)

The “Watervillian,” a weekly newsletter distributed by the Waterville Rotary Club, notes that “Bill (Getman) hosted the Waterville Club and our 1993 Rotary exchange student, Tom Cowper, with his wife Vanessa, family and friends. Also on hand for the reunion were Chris Slifka (Tom's host family “little” brother) and Tom's high school friends Tom Mayne with his wife Mandy, and Andy Gillette.”

Catherine, Bob and Sandy Harding enjoyed the company of Elaine Harding Ralls and Catherine Ralls for ten days - including Christmas - at the end of December. The girls left on the 28th and on the 29th James and Lisa Harding (the newly weds) arrived to celebrate New Years Eve with the East coast family, but then flew back to Arizona on New Years Day.

Joel Allen, of Hudson, New York, sends New Year’s Greetings and writes that “Gary and Ellen Allen of Sanger Avenue, Waterville have just returned from spending the Christmas and New Year’s holidays with their daughter, Karen, and son-in-law Frank North and granddaughters Sarah and Laura, in Greer, South Carolina. Their flight down and back was safe and uneventful. Joining them in Greer for Christmas were Gary’s younger brother, Joel and his wife, Laura and daughter Karrie, from Hudson, New York. They drove and also had a safe trip. Some great times and beautiful summer-like weather was enjoyed by the whole family and neighbors.”


It's a "What?"

A "Kick me here!" Suit?

No: it's an Orvis idea - wear your sled on the seat of your pants,
and then you don't have to pull it up the hill!

That's our grandson - eight-year-old Iain Methe -
who probably thinks that Grummy and Pop-pop
are a little wierd, giving him a Christmas present like that!
But they mean well!

Thursday, January 11, 2007

Thursday morning

It's Garbage Day, again!

17.2 degrees at 6:30.

The WKTV forecast reads: "Tricky Weather Ahead!"
Today: Clouds and sun. Die-hard flurries finally die by afternoon. Cold. High 30.
Tonight: Partly cloudy early. Mostly cloudy late. Chance of a brief shower of light rain, sleet, or freezing rain late. Temperatures steady near 30.
Friday: Chance of brief, scattered showers of light rain, sleet, or snow. High in the upper 30's.

What a difference a day makes!

On Tuesday, this little lad was scooting to the Post Office with his father!

And by Wednesday morning the world was white!

Genet -- and everyone else who had snow shovel or snow blower -- was out early making room for the "lake effect" snow that had been in the forecast (but which never came.)

If you watched either of last evening's NEWS programs on WKTV, you saw reporter Don Shipman against some familiar backgrounds , saying: "The last few days are a good example of the ever changing weather conditions that can strike Central New York. Just about a week ago, many were out raking their lawns! Today is a much different story because the rakes are being changed with snow shovels, as Central New Yorkers dig themselves out of the latest wintry blast. Local businesses (Morgan's) are open today, but the snowy conditions are just too much for school buses, as many school districts decided to close.
A common sight wherever you go is shoveling. Joe Louden is an eighth grade student in Waterville. He, like so many students, thought a snow day would never come, especially considering it's January and this is the first snow day of the season.
"Everybody was like, 'Get ready! We're going to have a huge snowstorm,'" says Joe. "I didn't believe it until now." Others say Winter was bound to make an appearance sooner or later. "We're lucky we had as much green grass as we did," says Charlie Hughes.

There were a few exciting "squalls," during the day, but by mid-afternoon the total acumulation was probably no more than four or five inches (although Tom Stiles said that there was much more in Stockwell.)

"Snow Devils" danced in a field next to Fuess-Cleary Road .......

... and snowmobilers, who must have found it rough riding in the fields, hugged a hedgerow behind the Gallagher residences in Sangerfield, making the most of the drifts that always form there.

The old elm out on Madison Street stood out again snow-covered bushes, and ......

........ NOW it's clear as can be:

the Canada Geese that we think have been going first one way and then coming back to go the other, are obviously operating on the well-known "BOOMERANG PRINCIPLE" and will always come back - no matter where they may go or for how long they are away!


In the morning mail: a nice E-note from "our" TIOGA Flag Girl Nannette Jones ("Noodles!") in answer to my question about "Which of our girls was hurt?"

It was our Flag Girl Alex, above,
who was badly hurt in an accident back in November.

Nannette wrote: "No, it wasn't me that got hurt, it was Alex. She was the younger blonde girl. She was rough at first but is now home. I haven't heard lately how she is doing, but that's on my "to-do list". The last I heard anything was the day of our Christmas party in the beginning of December. Someone saw her at the mall helping her sister shop for a dress. She was in a wheelchair w/ high spirits. She got in a bad accident in her truck and ended up breaking her pelvis amongst other things. I'll keep you informed. How is everything in Waterville? Miss you guys!"

Nannette Jones


And in yesterday's USPS mail, a "Get Well" card for Mr. B. and letter from Blog-readers Ann and John Cockell, who live in Chelmsford, ENGLAND! Cousins to Mrs. Sexton, they have visited Waterville several times; have shopped at Foodking and Morgan's and dined at Michael's and have been following Highway Reconstruction Progress and enjoying weather reports and Social Notes via "Home at the Huddle."

On behalf of Dick - Thank You Both!!

Wednesday, January 10, 2007

It's a "Snow Day!"

School's Closed: You can go back to bed!

From the Utica O-D's Website, this short statement was posted during the night .....

NEW HARTFORD -- Route 12 from Utica National Insurance Co. in New Hartford to Waterville has been closed because of ice and snow conditions, state police said late Tuesday night. It was unknown when the road would reopen."

..........but it has now been amended to say

"Route 12 between New Hartford and Waterville reopened around 4:30 a.m. this morning."

WKTV's Weather BLOG is interesting, and take a look at this!

You might also want to save this link: WKTV's site for School Closings.

I had this all set to go, but I imagine that the PRISM Concert will be postponed - again!

This evening at 8:00 in the
Waterville Central School Auditorium,
Annual PRISM Concert
Non-stop Performances by all of the
Musical Groups.

The concert was originally scheduled to take place in November, but was postponed due to a construction project in that part of the building.

If you're left with leisure time, today, check out the Waterville Public Library's new BLOG! "Page Turners" which will include Book Reviews written by any- and everyone - maybe even YOU!

I'll try to take some first-of-the-year Winter pictures, today. I know that all of our friends in Florida and the Southwest just can't wait to see SNOW!


Waterville 43, Sauquoit Valley 37

Janelle Buell's 17 points led Waterville to a CSC Division II victory.

Renee Whelan scored 11 points and Heather Frost had 13 boards for Sauquoit Valley.

Waterville 15 7 10 11 — 43

Sauquoit Valley 3 9 8 17 — 37

Waterville: Shannon Kemp 5, Janelle Buell 17, Megan Zogby 8, Sarah Bowie 9, Kala Kaiser 4. Totals: 16-5-43.

Sauquoit (1-4, 5-8): Renee Whelan 11, Emily Jarecki 6, Kayla Calogero 3, Abby Shephard 6, Kelly Rudnitski 7, Heather Frost 4. Totals: 13-7-37.

3-point goals: Waterville 6 (Buell 5, Kemp); Sauquoit 4 (Whelan 3, Rudnitski).

JV: Waterville 51-42.

Tuesday, January 9, 2007

Tuesday morning

Brrrrrr-isk, out there!
It's 25.9 degrees, with just some thin, scuddy clouds.

The WKTV forecasters are confidently predicting SOME SNOW by late today: Northern Lewis Co. will no doubt see the heaviest accumulation and we may only get "a dusting."

Today: Clouds and breaks of sun. Lake effect snow across Northern Herkimer and Lewis Counties with a few inches of additional accumulation. Perhaps 1"-3" accumulation for Chenango County and southwest Madison County (off of Lake Erie). For Utica, Rome, and the Mohawk Valley...just a few light snow showers and flurries with perhaps a fresh coating in spots. High in the mid 30's.

Tonight: Lake snows reorganize across most of Oneida County, West-Central Herkimer County and Northeast Madison County with 4"-8" of accumulation and locally higher amounts in persisting squalls. Low in the low 20's.

Wednesday: Lake effect snow...tapering off in the afternoon. High in the 20's to near 30.

Barring a sudden blizzard, the WCS Boys' Varsity Basketball Team will meet Mt. Markham at 7:30 this evening at Waterville.

Gillian Mowrey can look at a beautiful Winter Scene any time she wants to: she was the winner of the W. Ralph Murray Watercolor that was raffled off by the Waterville Public Library, before Christmas!

Our old friend, Warren Gilman (from Down Maine) sent me a tip from about seeing Comet McNaught.

"Sky show at no cost. Magnitude 0 to -1 !!! Bright.

To see Comet McNaught, a clear view of the horizon is essential. In the morning, go outside and face east. The comet emerges just ahead of the rising sun. In the evening, face the other way--west. The comet pops out of the western twilight as soon as the sun sets. Binoculars reveal a pretty, gaseous tail. You won't lose much sleep! "

Perhaps some of you who have that sort of "clear view" will go out and have a look-see?

The sort of "light show" that I'm watching for has to do with the Victorian Streetlamps: surely it's time? I'll check out the storage trailers several times, today.

I'm also hoping to find out more about the condition of one of our TIOGA "Flag Girls" - Deb - who, I understand, was badly hurt in an accident a few weeks ago. We should send her a HUGE "Get Well" Card, shouldn't we?

Monday, January 8, 2007

Monday Morning

We're back on Schedule:

It's Garbage Day!

43.7 degrees and raining.

Looking Back - It seems more like six YEARS, to me, than six months, and this last month has been by far the longest. But this morning I am told that I can collect Mr. B. and the many trophies of his illness (cards and gifts!) and bring him back to Whiskey Hollow where he can resume all activities (especially those prescribed by me!)

We have only praise for the Harding Family and the staff at the Harding Nursing Home. I've mentioned them, before, in this blog, and also said that there are a great many volunteers that add enormously to the residents' ease and pleasures. Here is a list of all of those wonderful people:

Nancy Acker
Betty Barnes
Leonie Beha
Joseph Beha
Lee Bernardini
Doris Biederman
Francis Brennan
Don Brown I
Sandy Brown
Barbara Carlson
Gordon Curtis
Janet Dangler
Eleanor Dawes
Olive Edwards
Susanne Farrington
Dave Folta
Nellie Frederick
Julie Furgison
Paula Gray
Delores Gurdo
Milly Hammond
Joan Harmon
Joan Howard
Ruth Howard
Debbie Johnson
Anne Lamont
Nancy Lewis
Lois Lloyd
Helen Lundt
Mary Maldonado
Ellen Martin
Peggy O’Dowd
Kay Pearman
Judy Pryputniewicz
Alice Russell
Vicki Sabol
Anne Sally
Kathy Shelkey
Jim Siegfried
Patricia Siegfried
Lovina Staring
Eleanor Stephenson
Joan Stephenson
Sharon Storm
Carol Tower
Cynthia Vandawalker
Margaret Walker
Kelly White
Joan Wolek

Thank you, everyone!

Sunday, January 7, 2007

Sunday, around town

East Main Street is solidly lined with parked cars any time that a service is in progress at SouthGate Ministries, in the old Presbyterian Church.

It's not as warm as it was yesterday, but still comfortable enough for parishioners leaving St. Bernard's Catholic Church on Stafford Avenue to stroll, leisurely, or stop and chat with friends........

At S. Babbott and White Street, a friend supervises The Rogers' yardwork.

Lumber Jack Prior put down his chain saw to give a sweeping wave.

Trikes, bikes and scooters were popular transport for those on the move,

but the hundreds of Canada Geese - on both Prior's Pond and the pond behind the Moons' - don't seem to feel the need to go anywhere at all!

Mr. Scott Moon invited me to take a closer look at his fine lake...

..... and it was then that I saw something completely unexpected:
the discovery of the day....

Moon's Barber Shop!

(Great News for some gentlemen that I know!)

Closed on Sundays, of course: do phone for information.