Saturday, August 11, 2007


It's 53 degrees and sunny.

Going to be a great day!

  • Saturday: Morning fog lifts, then sunshine and mild! High in the low 80s.
  • Saturday night: Clear and comfortable, Low in the mid to upper 50s.
  • Sunday: Mostly sunny and warm. High: 86, Low: 60


This must mean something.

These jaws look as if they mean business,

... but are they large enough to tackle this?


Out in Sangerfield, Tim Bartlett's done more work on the Golf Course site: "T"s seem to be taking shape; the rest of the land has been tilled and it appears that he's dug a sizable pond in the southwest corner of the area.

Joe Pye Weed is blooming along roadsides and in swampy spots, and someone always asks, "Who is Joe Pye?"

According to Ken Moore, who writes a column for the Carrboro Citizen, "The familiar description is of a Native American herb doctor in the Massachusetts Bay Colony region. The Indian’s name was Joe-Pye and he used a special plant to ease the discomfort of a common disease known as typhus, or typhoid fever. So the plant was commonly identified by early settlers as Joe-Pye-Weed."

I like to pick it, strip the leaves from the stem and just put it in a container - with or without water - and let it dry to a nice pale pinky-lavender color to use with other dried plants in arrangements to look at: not eat or drink!

And now Pat has PURPLE Trumpets blooming in her gardens next to the old church on Babbott Avenue South!

Although her offspring has simple tastes - for things like grass and clover - Mother Deer much prefers my hanging tuberous begonias!


I'll be taking tomorrow off - back on Monday!

Have a great weekend!


Friday, August 10, 2007


It's 62 degrees and it's been raining - not too hard, but maybe just right - for quite a while.

If you're a sky-watcher and were hoping for an early-morning look at the "Persieds" you were certainly out of luck: perhaps tomorrow!

  • Today: Morning rain, tapering to showers by the afternoon. Clouds, perhaps some sun, damp and cool, Temperatures in the upper 60s to around 70.
  • Tonight: Partly cloudy with areas of fog. Low in the mid 50s.
  • Saturday: Mostly sunny. Pleasant. High: 82, Low: 57

The O.E.S. Rummage-Bake Sale starts at 9:00 today
at the Pleasant Valley Grange!


at the


Summer Carnival

Noon - 3 p.m.,
Waterville Public Library, 206 White St., Waterville.

Games, prizes, food, crafts, face painting,
performance by The Seano's Circus A-Z and more.

Admission and performances are free. 841-4651.



Early yesterday - a huge UPS truck was making deliveries to the future "Subway" sandwich shop on Main Street!

There was some roadwork going on just this side of Deansboro causing the need for a stretch of single-lane traffic. I just happened to be in the right spot to watch while this maroon minivan's driver decided that regardless of oncoming truck-traffic and a fully-visible STOP sign - she (that's right - "she") was going to go ahead, anyhow!! The flag girl caught sight of her; whirled around and it looked as if some major shouting produced a shift into reverse. It didn't end there! When the minivan reached the end of the controlled traffic, the flagman at that position stopped her for an additional "talking to."

By afternoon, the blacktopping crew had moved to the Buell Avenue Hill. All vehicles seemed to be where they were supposed to be.

Out on Hanover Road, I was going to take a picture of the rows of corn, looking just like cordeuroy, I thought, when a huge piece of agricultural equipment came in to view, and I started trying to figure out what it was doing. Fortunately, John Brouillette pulled up and got out of his car and took time to explain that it was a "combine," and it was doing what used to be called "threshing" - here, all in one procedure, oats were being cut; the oats themselves sorted and saved and the straw left in windrows on the ground to dry in the sun. (Thanks, John!)

On Bogan Road: hollyhocks against the old Bogan barn.

A patch of "Beebalm" in the Getmans' woods.

Sunflowers and daisies at "October Baseball" in Sangerfield.


There were no real baseball games, yesterday, but here's what you can look forward to!

Have a Great Day!

Thursday, August 9, 2007

Thursday morning

It's Garbage Day!

58 degrees and shiny!

  • * Thursday: Mostly sunny in the morning, but increasing clouds in the afternoon. Chance of a shower late. High in the low 80s.
  • * Thursday night: Occasional rain or showers, with a rumble of thunder possible. Low in the mid 60s.
  • * Friday: Mainly cloudy with occasional rain, showers or drizzle. Cool. High: 74, Low: 55

George - the runaway cat - has returned home, but makes no explanation of his absence!



sponsored by Crystal Chapter #188 O.E.S.

9:00 - 4:00
at the Pleasant Valley Grange Hall


St. Paul's Episcopal Church, Paris, New York.

August Services, which take place at 4 in the afternoon, are already in progress and will continue as follows:
  • August 12 Celebration of the Connecticut heritage of the founders
  • August 19 Celebration of the New York heritage of the parish and Bishop Hobart
  • August 26 Celebration of David Pendleton Oakerhater, Deacon and Missionary to the Cheyenne, trained for ministry at Paris Hill (feast in Episcopal Calendar, September 1)

Yes! It's true.

Access Federal Credit Union

will open a branch in the old Bank Building in the Fall.

Details in this week's issue of The Waterville Times.


And Yes: It's true.

There will be a new Coffee Shop in the former "MACS," and it will be operated by Angie and Theresa Davis! Opening on September 1st!


Oh, No!

I'd been driving past the Gallagher Farm nearly every day, looking for that wonderful sign that would say "SWEET CORN" - but it hadn't appeared. And this note from Cindy explains why:

Wanted to let folks in the area know that Gallaghers Farm will not be selling sweetcorn this year- we truly miss providing the service to our town but physical ailments on behalf of one of the major "pickers" (Cindy) caused Paul to make the decision that the work is too taxing for the time being - so he didn't plant any for his wife to sell. We hope that people will frequent the many other places to buy fresh vegetable such as Pryputniwitz (sp?) family on Rt 12, Savicki's Farm market on Rt 12, Moshers market below Bouckville and the local farmers market. If Gallaghers have extra from this year's small and late plantings- Kristen Gallagher may sell some at the farmers' market.

She also added:
Roseann Gallagher is currently in the Lutheran Home for rehab following her most recent stroke. She is in room 216 and is improving daily. Would appreciate continued visits and calls from friends. This lady won't be still for long - has already attended bowling at the home and has visited Mrs. Belfield - also a new resident. Hopefully she will be home in 2-3 weeks.


KEEP this in MIND for the 17th & 18th!!!

Nicki Suba sent me this poster, yesterday - made by Kristin Strohmeyer - and a letter which read: "this poster announces an upcoming garage sale to support a bunch of boys who are working toward a trip. 15 scouts and their families are holding fundraising events to sponsor a trip to SeaBase."

"The Florida National High Adventure Sea Base is owned and operated by the National Council of the Boy Scouts of America to offer unique educational aquatic programs to our members. Located in Islamorada, the heart of the Florida Keys, the near shore reefs offer unparalleled opportunities for long term and short term programs year round"

The boys will be sea kayaking, scubadiving, snorkeling and every other activity you could do on a spit of sand off the Florida Keys. It is a great opportunity for our boys and we are working diligently to make it happen. Thank you in advance for considering our cause!
Nicki Suba
Garage sale coordinator and host."

Doesn't that sound like a grand experience?


Sunflowers, across from Mary Greene's on Sally Road.

Hop Vines at the Tanners' on Route 20.

Missy Brouillette brought to my attention the fact that all of the homes on Barton Avenue fly the American Flag! - and shouldn't we all?


Wednesday, August 8, 2007


It's Recyclables Day!

Just about 70 degrees; we had a few showers overnight, but it's not raining, now.

  • Today: Showers ending. Breaks of sun into this afternoon. Slightly less humid late this afternoon. High in the mid 80s.
  • Tonight: Partly cloudy. Low near 60.
  • Thursday: A mix of sun and clouds, with clouds increasing late. High: 85, Low: 65



from 1 - 'til 7:00



If there's anything to the saying that "an apple a day keeps the doctor away!" then we should all be in fine shape, this Winter. According to WKTV, apple-growers expect an outstanding crop.

You can Hike Trenton Falls, this weekend, and the O-D tell you when and where.


Expect to spend about ten minutes waiting in line on Route 315.


It may be a cloudy day, but Pat's Trumpet Trees on Babbott Avenue South aren't dull!

She says that they've taken a beating in storms, but they're still pretty wonderful!

- and her Trumpet Vine is blooming brightly, too!

Down on Loomis Road there seems to be more Cardinal Flower blooming than in past years. I suspect that that is because the Township "ditched" between them and the road leaving the plants quite safely out of reach!


But - Oh, No! Goldenrod? So soon? It must be an "early variety!"


The O-D headline -"Anti-wind group in Jordanville hires attorney" - reminded me to tell you how to find "Windmill Heaven," if you are one of the ones who, like me, find them fascinating. The "Maple Ridge" wind farm is located west of Lowville. Follow route 12 to Lowville; watch for a "Stewart's," a little way past McDonald's, and take the left-hand turn, there, onto Stowe Road. As the gal at Stewart's told me, "You just go straight. Go through a STOP sign and just keep going, and pretty soon you-all'll be in Win'mill Heaven!" It's about three miles, and really is something to see. We got excited over seven towers? Here you can see about two-hundred!

Counting tourists, probably.

"Say Cheese!"


Have a great day!

Tuesday, August 7, 2007

Tuesday morning


It's 64.4 degrees.

  • Today: Sunny to start, but clouds slowly increasing late. Hot and humid. High near 90.
  • Tonight: Thickening clouds with heavy thunderstorms after midnight. Heavy rain likely. Low in the upper 60s.
  • Wednesday: Showers and locally heavy thunderstorms, primarily in the morning. Some clearing possible late in the day. Humid. High: 82, Low: 63

I don't believe that I've ever seen the little pond at the foot of Grant Hill this low!

It had that "look of rain," yesterday, but nothing happened.

The gardens at the Library and this beautiful wagon load of petunias on California Road must be getting some extra watering.


Aha! NOW we know why a stretch of Route 315 never received it's final surfacing: the D.O.T. is replacing a culvert just North of the Cleary driveway.

"Expect Delays."


The Editorial in today's edition of the Observer-Dispatch, citing Mohawk Valley history and local attractions, got my attention as did a list of Events taking place in Little Falls as part of their 20th Annual Canal Celebration. Plenty to do!

On WKTV, Senator Schumer will ask for more Bridge Funding,
and the sale of the Alexander Hamilton Inn in Clinton is final.


Monday, August 6, 2007

Monday Add-ons

These really can't wait 'til tomorrow!

#1: The Wileys, who live at 131 Berrill Avenue, are asking for your help in finding their big orange and white cat whose name is George!

"Sometime Friday, our cat got out of the house without my kids realizing it. Our cat is a very large Orange/White Cat, with no front claws. He was wearing a green and white striped flea collar. His name is George. George is one of two we have had in our family for the past 8 years. His twin brother Curious is home missing him very much. George is timid and easily frightened. George is on a special diet and regular cat food can cause severe health issues for him, however he would eat the regular food if given the opportunity!

We would appreciate any help in finding our cat. Our family is lost without him. Please call 841-4965 with any information regarding George’s whereabouts."


#2: Byron Stuhlman sent me this notice about the "Fabulous Five" - the young organists who will be performing this evening at Grace Episcopal Church in Utica. (Much more fun to see their pictures than just read about them!)

Five Young Organists in Concert

August 6, 2007, 6:00 p.m.
Grace Church
6 Elizabeth Street, Utica


Timothy Davis
Toccata in E Minor: Johann Pachelbel
Triptych for Organ: Gordon Young
(Praeludium - Lied - Toccata)
Timothy’s Tune: Stephen H. Best

Timothy Davis, 13, has just completed seventh grade at Donovan Junior High School in Utica. He studies piano with Colleen Pellman, violin with Taras Bohach, and began organ with Stephen Best in September of 2005. Timothy participates in the orchestra, jazz band and rock ensemble at Donovan, as well as the Choir of Grace Church. He was selected for All County Orchestra, and is a member of the Central New York Chapter of the American Guild of Organists and Junior B-Sharp.

Annelise Driscoll
Für Annelise: Stephen H. Best
Toccata in D Minor: Johann Sebastian Bach

Annelise Driscoll, 15, completed ninth grade at Whitesboro. She studies piano with Vera Brindisi, violin with Sharon Wormwood, and began organ lessons with Stephen Best in November of 2006. Annelise sings in her school’s choir, as well as playing with the school orchestra and the Syracuse Symphony Youth Orchestra. She was selected to participate as a violinist in both All County Orchestra and All State Orchestra. She holds memberships in both Junior B-Sharp and the Central New York Chapter of the American Guild of Organists, and is active at Westminster Presbyterian Church.

M. Cody Engstrom
Meditation: Stephen H. Best
Cody’s Carillon: Stephen H. Best
Cody Engstrom, 14, just finished 8th grade at Holland Patent. Cody began his organ studies with Stephen Best in November of 2005, and studies piano with Bruce Smith. He is a member of the chorus, vocal ensemble and jazz band at school, as well as singing with the Choir of Grace Church and ringing with the church’s handbell choir. He was selected to participate in the All County Chorus, and has just finished attending the Crane Youth Music Camp. He is a member of the Central New York Chapter of the American Guild of Organists.

Maria C. Rabbia and M. Cody Engstrom, piano duet
Hopak: Modest Mussorgsky

Maria C. Rabbia
Celebration Fanfare: Stephen H. Best
Prelude in G Minor: Johann Sebastian Bach
Finale: Janet Correll

Maria Rabbia, 13, just finished seventh grade at New Hartford. She is piano student of Sharon Wagner, and studies organ with Stephen Best, having begun organ this past January. Maria is a member of the school choir, pianist for the school orchestra, and holds memberships in both the Junior B-Sharp Club and the Central New York Chapter of the American Guild of Organists. She is active at Holy Trinity Roman Catholic Church, and has just returned from the Crane Youth Music Camp at Potsdam State College.

Patrick Davis
Epilogue sur un thème de Frescobaldi pour pédale solo: Jean Langlais
Prière à Notre Dame: Léon Boëllmann
Carillon-Sortie: Henri Mulet

Patrick Davis, 18, is a June graduate of Proctor High School in Utica, and one of the three class valedictorians. He was a member of the Proctor orchestra, string ensemble, jazz band and rock ensemble. He also holds membership in the Central New York Chapter of the American Guild of Organists, and in Junior B-Sharp. His list of accomplishments and honors include: 2007 Teen All-Star; Eagle Scout; recipient, E. Power Biggs Fellowship, Organ Historical Society; winner, Curran Scholarship in piano; winner, Bausch & Lomb Science award; winner, Clarkson leadership award; winner, Lion's Club award for academic excellence; winner, Mancuso prize for academics; East Utica Optimist Club Student of the month, May 2007; and winner, North Utica-Whitestown Rotary Award community service award. Patrick has been a piano student of Colleen Pellman, has studied violin with Taras Bohach, and began organ with Stephen Best in September of 2003. Here at Grace Church, he is the Emily Clark Bink Organ Scholar, and assistant to Bruce Smith, Organist and Choirmaster. Patrick will enter Yale University later this month, with the goal of becoming an astrophysicist. He also intends to continue to his organ study with the distinguished faculty of that institution.

Open to the public free of charge.