Friday, September 21, 2007

Friday afternoon Update


Activity began quite early this morning. An Open House sign went out in front of the Fire House and Maple Leaf Construction was in Green Acres Plaza building a base for the performance platform .............

which was delivered from the Park by the DPW.

Another DPW crew then began building a small - but smooth! - "ramp" to ease the antique and classic cars' ride into the Park for the Car Show.

By noon, two rides had been installed at Firemen's Field.

Mayor Jim Younes was in the pavillion getting everything ready for tomorrow morning's Pancake Breakfast.

The tent's in place for tomorrow evening's dinner. Word has it that all of the "Advance Sale" tickets are gone.

The first of the "Yard Sales" opened ..........

.......... and the Northern sidewalk on White Street closed!


I don't have pictures, of course, but I understand that there will be
along Main
(Last year there were sixteen!)


There's just no way that I'm going to be able to take photographs of everything, tomorrow, so - if you want a picture of your organization's booth or activity blogged, please make sure that someone in the group takes pictures and then sends some JPEGS to me! I'll put as many in a Sunday blog post as I can!

Have a wonderful day, everyone!


Come see us in the Park and get your free

"Make it happen!"



It's 50 degrees.
  • Today: Sunny and unseasonably warm. High: 83
  • Tonight: Mostly clear, mild, with fog. Low: 59
  • Saturday: A mix of sun and clouds, with a slight chance of a sprinkle north of Utica. Becoming breezy. High: 78, Low: 48


Major preparations are under way! A large portion of Firemen's Field has been marked off - presumably for amusement rides.

The "necessaries."

Stakes driven into the lawn to the East of the Library circle showed where the tent would be for the WCS Foundation Dinner.

Historical Society President Joe Falk and Kent Cole were putting the finishing touches on the Golf Course, out back, and the greenery in front of the building.

There's a new sign over the doorway of the Belfield Insurance Building.

Members of the Women's Club are baking pies, the Garden Club is corralling chrysanthemums and, with less-than-perfect timing .....

the sidewalk on the North side of Putnam Street has been torn up for repaving!

The forecast is only a little bit "iffy" -

spirits will not be dampened!

I intend to start my day with Breakfast at Firemen's Field: pancakes. And the Mayor's cooking!



Remsen Barn Festival of the Arts
PGA Golf at the Turning Stone in Vernon

Herkimer will celebrate its 200th birthday
Yom Kippur

And from the O-D: "The dry spell could lead to tapped reservoirs to keep boats afloat in the Canal!"

(Please click image.)

And come and find the Memorial Bandstand Fund display in the Park, tomorrow, and learn how you can help

"Make it Happen!"

Thursday, September 20, 2007

Thursday add-on

Two things - for readers of The Waterville Times.

1. There is an error in the column "In Timely Manner" in this week's issue of the Waterville Times. It apparently happened when the editor's "spellchecker" decided to replace one acronym (SOCED) with another (BOCES) and worked faster than the eyes and fingers of the person at the keyboard!

2. There isn't REALLY a problem!

The Memorial Bandstand Fund committee was initially part of the "Main Street" committee, but when it was learned that the Village of Waterville could not legally solicit funds, the project was moved to the ægis of the Clifford J. Fulmer Post of the American Legion - a not-for-profit 501-C3 organization.

That does NOT mean that the Legion is responsible in any way for giving any financial support at all to the project!

(The Legion Riders made a donation to the cause in 2006, but it was completely voluntary and greatly appreciated by the Committee!)

The arrangement simply makes it possible for the Memorial Bandstand Committee to apply for grants and to solicit and accept tax-deductible donations. Without that capability there'd be no talk of a bandstand at all.

The Memorial Bandstand Committee presented the architect's plans and a 3D rendering of the proposed bandstand to the Village Board about a year ago and no one asked that any changes at all be made to the design of the structure before fund-raising began.


It's Garbage Day, Again!

52.5 degrees.

  • Thursday: A mix of sun and clouds. Chance of a sprinkle. There could be a period of overcast skies after Noon. High in the mid 70s.
  • Thursday night: Clearing skies and comfortable. Low in the mid 50s.
  • Friday: Sunny and warm. High: 82, Low: 59

Looking good!

Click here for a Schedule of Saturday's Activities!

And of course there's the WCS Foundation Buffet Dinner Under the Tent at the Waterville Public Library at 7:00. With some planning, I figure it would be possible to attend both!


(Please click on image!)

Click to enlarge.


Val Schank took this photograph of a Rainbow over Daniel's Nose last Sunday morning.




The "I Love NY" website has a complete page on foliage and a really great "Leaf Guide".

There's a Buckeye Tree on Berrill Avenue and I stopped, yesterday, just to see if I could find any ........

Yes!! There they were, on the ground. The shiny brown "buck's eyes" that I've loved finding, every Fall, all my life.

I also like the sort of "buckeyes" shown on the plate in this photo: ask Jeannie Heidel how to make them!


Local News

  • In Girls' Varsity Soccer, Waterville and Sauquoit played to a 0 - 0 tie on Tuesday night. (video)
  • The inaugural Turning Stone Resort Championship PGA Tour starts today.
  • Things are changing at the Yahnundasis: eyebrowns will be raised!



Have a Great Day!

Wednesday, September 19, 2007


Recyclables Day



It's 44 degrees
and the forecast gets better and better!

  • Wednesday: Mostly sunny and warm. High in the upper 70s.
  • Wednesday night: Clear with a few clouds late. Some patchy fog. Low in the low 50s.
  • Thursday: A mix of sun and clouds. Slight chance of an extremely isolated sprinkle or shower. High: 76, Low: 54
  • Friday: Mostly sunny. Warm. High: 82, Low: 56
  • Saturday: A mix of sun and clouds with an isolated sprinkle or shower possible, especially north of Utica. Quite breezy. High: 76, Low: 48
It's looking good!


From this morning's Observer-Dispatch: Election Results in the Town of Marshall:

(vote for two)
James W. Boersma 65
Samual T. Eastman 120
Susan B. McConnell 136

Steven E. Lollman Sr. 76
James Rice 101

- and yet another article about the Twins of Brookfield!
In sports scores: Waterville over Mt. Markham 3 - 0.


More sidewalk seating - this time at the new Subway shop.

Behind the old Home Shoppe - an area has been cleared and footers poured for an addition to the building.

The NEW "Home Shoppe" on Buell Avenue is a beauty!

Out on Osborn Avenue, Mr. Williams has been having a good time supervising the roofing crew! His residence is just one of several that has been having some sort of "winterizing" done.

At Alcotts', on Route 20, there's a bright display of Autumn decorations.

Berries on Mountain Ash trees are bright.

(Please click on this image!)

(Isn't that pretty?)


Much more about the
Memorial Bandstand Fund
and ALL of the "Cruis'in" events and activities
in the next few days!

You can find a schedule and map
in this week's issue of The Waterville Times.




Have a super day!

Tuesday, September 18, 2007


Green Waste Day!


Don't Forget to



It's 41 degrees.
  • Today: Sunshine and a touch milder. High near 70.
  • Tonight: Mainly clear with patchy valley fog. Not quite as cold, but still cool. Low in the mid 40s.
  • Wednesday: Sunshine! High: 76, Low: 49

Going shopping? The entire New Hartford Shopping Center is for Sale! If Golf is your "thing," the O-D tells you all about sights and action at Atunyote.

Getting through Clinton on Route 12B is difficult: paving is in progress on Meadow Street and College Street.


The D.P.W. had a major project going on on Madison Street, yesterday,

and a crew was either digging or filling a couple of holes out behind the old Home Shoppe.

There's plenty going on inside the Access Bank building: part-owner and contractor Wayne Brouillette has set up a "Maple Leaf " carpentry shop in the drive-thru!

Another "bonus" shot: I thought that it was probably time for Marilyn to have put up Fall Decorations at Dan's Woodworking Shop on Madison Street, but had the good fortune to find not only Autumn colors but "Farmer Maine" himself, just coming in from the garden with a bushel of tomatoes!

Mr. Hudson's getting ready for the weekend!

(And I bet the Red Lion Pub will be mobbed with people wanting to look around!)


You'll find an entire schedule of Cruis'in Activities and more information about the Memorial Bandstand in this week's issue of The Waterville Times - and future blog postings, as well.