Friday, November 2, 2007

Friday - more pix


The WCS Girls' Varsity Soccer Game in Cortland will take place at




It's 29.8 degrees and "good sleeping weather!"

I had a problem with "Blogspot," earlier, but I think it's fixed!

  • Today: Mostly sunny. High 55.
  • Tonight. Clear. Low 25-30.
  • Saturday: Partly sunny. High in the mid to upper 50's.
  • Sunday: Partly sunny. High in the upper 40's.

I rode all over he village, yesterday, and this was the ONLY Hallowe'en Casualty that I saw! (Smack into the tree, she flew, her trusty bloom left lying on the ground!) But there were no injured pumpkins, fluttering lengths of toilet paper or broken eggs anywhere! Amazing!!

I received this great photograph of four of their grandchildren from John and Ann Cockell.

(No: they don't live around here! Is it surprising to see that youngsters in England also like to dress up on Hallowe'en?)

John and/or Ann wrote: "Have just seen the latest Blog with Halloween pictures and thought you might like to see the photograph of four of my grandsons dressed up to frighten the neighbours. They age from 7 years down to 2 years and managed to get lots of treats.

We don't get as many "callers" in the UK as you seem to get in Waterville. I phoned Wendy Sexton my cousin last evening and had to cut the call short as she had to keep answering the door to Halloween callers - which sounded great fun from this end."

(Thank you both for writing and sending that grand picture of the grandkids!)


There's a new view in the Historic Triangle!

The old barn behind Kloster-Northrop & Bentz must have been built very early in the 1800's.

This may be the next casualty of Time.

(I added the red "plumbline.")


Pat and Barb have finished painting spindles and trim and now may move on to windows!


News from Amy at ACCESS -

We have a winner!!

Who Done It??

"It was Miss Peacock, in the Ballroom, with the Candlestick.
Our branch in Camden won with a fairy tale theme. It was quite good. We had a lot of fun though... and that's what it's all about.

We would like to thank everybody for their Halloween spirit and for playing the game "Clue" with us. Everybody who has played the game can come in and grab an Access t-shirt for free."

Be watching as the "Winged Euonymus" shrubs turn bright red.

They're usually smallish bushes, but this beauty is on Rt. 315 near Deansboro.

This is where the name "winged" comes from.

Beech trees in Forge Hollow.

The leaves on the ornamental Pear Trees on Main Street are just starting to turn!


Be sure to go to the


9 - 1:00 tomorrow

and don't forget the


on Sunday from 1 - 7

at the Legion!


Have a good weekend, everyone!

Thursday, November 1, 2007

Thursday w/ Add-On!

An Afternoon Add-on in re:
Girls' Varsity Soccer ---


All earlier information had the girls' soccer game in Cortland
at 4:30 tomorrow -
it has been changed to 3:30 p.m.




It's Garbage Day!

51.6 degrees

  • Thursday: Morning showers, followed by afternoon breaks of sunshine. Cooler. High 52
  • Thursday night: Clearing. Chilly. Low 29
  • Friday: Partly sunny. High 52 Low 32


It's on WKTV: "Waterville Girls Upset Notre Dame for Final Berth."

And Mary Campbell sent this: "Congratulations to the Girls' Soccer Team on their victory over Notre Dame in the Section III Semi-Final playoff game played at Sauquoit Stadium on Wed. evening. After the scoreless regulation game, they went to a 10 minute overtime, still no score. On to another 10 minute overtime, again no score. Then on to two five minute overtimes with still the score 0-0. Now it was time for a shootout! The first round left the teams tied 2-2. Then it was time for a sudden death shootout. Kyle S. shot the winning goal!
The team advances to the Section III Playoff Game at SUNY Cortland on Saturday, November 3rd. Time - TBA." (Thanks, Mary!)

Tonight at WCS at 7:30

The PRISM Concert!


Yesterday - on Osborn Avenue ......

and on Sanger Avenue, at the Jerczak residence.

The Senior Citizens joined the residents of the Harding Nursing Home for Hallowe'en goodies and Lois Lloyd celebrated her real birthday!

The Cookie Monster was there ......

........ a Pirate sampled some "rum" .........

Candy, Katie and Pam made sure that cider and doughnuts were handed out.......

and a Butterfly beguiled!


Meanwhile, on Main Street .........

There was a new teller in the "Billiard Room" at ACCESS Bank: "Miss White," her name plate read.

And the rest of the staff had familiar names, too: there was "Professor Plum," eager to show us his handy noose; "Miss White" came out with candlestick in hand; "Mrs. Peacock" gripped a wrench while "Col. Mustard" pondered his dubious safety and "Miss Scarlet" held a handy length of pipe. Each office had its own famous name and, in the "Conservatory," cider and cupcakes were served to those brave enough to dare accept the suspicious offer. A generous award waited for the visiting sleuth who was sharp-eyed and quick-witted enough to spot the ever-essential Clue and announce to the assembled guests just who it was who had killed - - - "Mr. Body."

Perhaps we shall learn his identity today.

Part of the Jerczak Pumpkin Display at night
thanks to Barb Shauger and her cell phone!


On a totally different subject:
I did try the new Vacuum Cleaner at the Car Wash ---- Yes! It does!!!

Wednesday, October 31, 2007


Good Morning!

It's Recyclables Day!

and it's also:

Lois Lloyd's Birthday!

Her family gave her a wonderful Birthday Party on Saturday. There must have been at least NINETY people there - appropriately! - but she'll probably be celebrating again, today. You'll see her if you're going with the Senior Citizens to the Harding Nursing Home Hallowe'en Party!






from her proud Mom and Dad!


Right now it's 38 degrees.

  • Wednesday: Mostly sunny and mild. High 64
  • Wednesday night: Increasing clouds. Low 44
  • Thursday: Mostly cloudy with rain showers. High 52 Low 29

Yesterday was blue-skied and mild.

The grand old elm out on Madison street still has its golden leaves .........

............ but, in the Village, more and more leaves keep falling and Wayne Stanbro and the "vacuum cleaner" are keeping busy.

At the St. John Apartments - paint and brushes and ladders, Oh my!

(Who was "St. John"?)

Pumpkins on Putnam ..........

........ and a big, black Spider on Babbott!

Don't forget to stop in at ACCESS, today: you'll think you've walked right into a scene from "Clue" and will even get a chance to guess "Who Done it?" There will be a gift bag of goodies for the winner and everyone gets candy and cider!


WCS Girls' Varsity Soccer vs. Notre Dame
at 7:30 p.m. Wednesday at Sauquoit Valley High School!


I spent much of yesterday crawling around stringing endless extension cords - finally: the "candle lights" turned on, last night, in the windows of the house in the Hollow.

Happy Birthday, Dick.

I'll be out and around, today!

Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Tuesday add-on

Gary Tuttle just renminded me that I forgot to tell all of you to watch this direct link to the Space Station!

And check your calendar --- it should have a circle on Thursday at 7:30 p.m. for the PRISM Concert at WCS!


39 degrees.

  • Tuesday: Partly/mostly sunny. High 57
  • Tuesday night: Mostly clear. Low 38
  • Wednesday: Mostly sunny and warm. High 64 Low 44
From the O-D: District Attorney Scott McNamara will hold a press conference at 10 a.m. on the village green in Whitesboro.


Signs like these explain a bit about politics south of Waterville.

Scary creatures and bright pumpkins.......

........... decorate homes along Mason Road.

I stopped to take a picture of what - in other circumstances - could look like a serious case of misconfiguration, but which - here - is the result of lots and lots of practise!

In the center of N. Brookfield, the church is getting a sparkling coat of white paint with pretty blue trim by the boys in the Green Van.


Another new paint job - this one on Bogan Road. Jim Bogan spends his summers as a member of Bill Vetter's fine house-painting crew. He said that this past Summer they painted so many houses just plain white that he used his days off to paint his home his colors: Plum and Terra Cotta!

Just about the same colors as the leaves on the oak trees in front of Lovina Staring's home on White Street.

This will never replace going to the Drive-in movies, but the new Laser Wash at the is pretty exciting! I'd had a chance to "test drive" the apparatus a few days ago, but went back again, yesterday, to use it for real.

You start out at something like a drive-through ATM machine, but this one talks! The instructions are easy to follow: insert either cash or a credit card and "she" tells you how to choose what you want done and then gives you your change. I gave "her" a $10 and asked for the $9-Premium wash and she gave me back $1.

The doors open and the light turns green.

Before you're hardly inside, you're thoroughly doused!

A red arrow tells you when to STOP.

Two generous sudsings take place, then a rinse, and then confetti-colored suds are splashed all over your car.

A final rinse, and then .........

... super-sized blowers move back and forth air-drying your car.

The doors open; the arrow turns green, and you're done!

I'll go back, today, and use the new Vacuum Cleaner. They say it'll "take the carpet right off the floor!" We'll see!

Monday, October 29, 2007


It's Garbage Day!

27.5 degrees

  • Monday: Partly to mostly sunny. High in the low 50's.
  • Tuesday: Partly sunny. High in the mid to upper 50's.
  • Wednesday: Partly sunny. High 60-65.

WCS Girls' Varsity Soccer:

In Class C, Notre Dame will play Waterville
at 7:30 p.m. Wednesday at Sauquoit Valley High School!


Cindy Stern sent me these two pictures to post, saying,

" The first one is of my grandson: Colden Thomas Stern. His parents are Todd and Catharine (Quayle) Stern from Floyd, NY. Both are former residents of Waterville. This picture was taken at a corn maze in Trenton, NY. The proud grandparents are: Larry & Cindy Stern (Waterville) and Tom and Suzy Quayle (Waterville)."

" To give equal time to my daughter, I've sent her family picture taken a couple of weeks ago at Tim's Pumpkin Patch. They are Chad & Meghan (Stern) Cattadoris with their son, Carter and new daughter Avery. The proud grandparents are: Larry & Cindy Stern (again) Peggy White of Clinton, NY, and Hank Cattadoris of Maine."


On Madison Street - of course!

...and Berrill Avenue!


I must have "looked" at this doorway hundreds of times, but it was the wreaths that made me stop and really admire the doors and columns. Do YOU know where they are?

This is another structure that many of us see every day, but I've removed an identifying feature. I'm sure the barns are going to turn into a PsB drawing.

This poor old thing is east of Bridgewater on Route 20.



The Boston Redsox have won the World Series

............ and fans everywhere (except for Dr. Elizabeth Stacy, in Hawaii) are tired!


Have a good day!