Saturday, March 17, 2007

Saturday morning

Happy St. Patrick's Day

It's about 18 degrees and it looks as if we have 3" or 4" of new snow.

NEWS Channel 2 Forecast:

  • Saturday Morning (1 AM through 8 AM): Snow will continue, heavy at times to the east of Utica, especially. 3-6" more in Utica, with 5-10" additional snow possible east of Utica.
  • Rest of Saturday: Light snow and flurries. Light additional accumulations. High in the mid 20s.
  • Saturday night: Steady light to moderate snow will return, with another few inches possible. Low in the mid teens.
  • Sunday: Morning snow showers tapering off to flurries and ending. High: 28, Low: 20

South Side Road from Frankfort to Utica is CLOSED


That means that we can all get out for

Corned Beef & Cabbage

Oriskany Falls
12 noon-6 pm Kelley-Phillips American Legion

at the Clifford J. Fulmer Post 92 of the American Legion
from 4:30 - 7:00

Vernon Center Presbyterian Church
"Irish Dinner" night from 5 - 7:00 p.m. Donation, $6.

and then be back in town for this evening's performance of

(I've had one of those sore throat/earache colds and have not seen the production, but I've been told that "Footloose is Fabulous!" and that "It's Very Good!" and I certainly intend to be at WCS tonight!)

Friday, March 16, 2007

Friday morning

18 degrees; no precipitation - so far.

Yesterday was soggy, sleety and snowy, depending on where you were at what time of the day, and by afternoon there was water, water everywhere, and several roads in Oneida and Herkimer Counties were closed including Rt. 5 in Kirkland and Loomis Road, south of Waterville.

Meadowlands next to Nine Mile Swamp became lakes ........

....... but there was plenty of snow next to the Harding Nursing Home for a dozen or so youngsters from the Kids' Connection to have a grand time sliding and, at the same time, give the residents of the Home some good, old-fashioned entertainment!

I didn't go to the Dress Rehearsal of "Footloose," last evening, but perhaps someone who did will send a bit of a Preview?

The show starts at eight o'clock tonight and tomorrow night, and I plan on being there!


And just when the Aconite has bloomed and daffodil sprouts are appearing, THIS has to happen!

Today: Increasing clouds with snow developing in the afternoon. Snow arriving in Utica between 4-6pm. Highs in the low 30s.

Tonight: Occasional snow, possibly heavy at times. Accumulation likely. For more details, check out our snowfall accumulation map. Low in near 20.

Saturday: Occasional snow, possibly heavy at times. Additional accumulation likely, especially on hilltops. High: 28, Low: 16

Thursday, March 15, 2007

Thoroughly Wet Thursday

First things First!

Scroll down for "Special Greeting!!!!!!!"

It's Garbage Day!

37.5 degrees, raining hard, and

Big Creek is roaring.

According to WKTV, several roads are closed,
including --French Road in Kirkland from Rt. 5 to White Street
--State Rt. 5 in Schuyler from Millers Grove to North Frankfort Bridge

WKTV has a page about Flood Warnings, and their Weather Bloggers are talking about Ice Jams and then a Snowstorm.

You know that "bug" that's been going around? Well, it bit 80% of the cast of "Joseph's Technicolor Dreamcoat" and the Broadway Theater League had to cancel recent performances: a first. Efforts are under way, however, to reschedule the performances before the Stanley Theater closes for it's huge construction project.


Locally - a motorist driving through Waterville yesterday afternoon took time to telephone and report that:



And, finally - the definitive answer to the question, "Who knows whose nose that is?" from a blog-reader whose name shall be witheld for what may be obvious reasons.
(At least it seems the considerate thing to do!)

"Many years ago when the first settlers came to this area they were trying to convert the Indians to Christianity. One indian became know as the Holy Indian. He would perform marriages and baptise babies. He would even bless the farm animals for all the farmers in the area. As a matter of fact this is where we get the saying Holy Cow. He would also bless the fertilizer the farmers used on their crops, thus came the saying holy fertilizer. This man lived in Forge Hollow, and he became so well known for his blessing, that people called him Pope Daniel and thus came the name of the curve in the road. Most people don't know this story but I know it to be fact, because it was told to me by a Seminole Indian who settled in this area after getting lost while alligator hunting. I hope this clears up the confusion."


Special Greeting!

Click to enlarge!

from your friends and family!

Have a great day!


Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Wednesday afternoon

What a gorgeous morning we had!

The temperature sailed right up into the fifties and, down in "Dicksville," the
Winter Aconite was in bloom in front of
the Fehlner-Peach residence!

The waters of "Sangerfield Lake" began to rise, and......

... next to Osborn Avenue, the first gaggle of Canada Geese found a
pond that suited their purpose .......

..... right next to the field where snomobiles sped just a few days ago.

And wasn't it just about a week ago that I said that we were all quite sick of "whiteouts?"
Well - this afternoon we had the misty equivalent: Pea Soup Fog.;

This photograph was taken sort of near Steve Cleary's driveway ... I think ...... !

Wednesday Morning



to the WCS Jazz Ensemble,

who took First Place in their (Class B) division
at the Oneida Jazz Festival, last Friday!


It's Recyclables Day!

45 degrees and drippy.

Today: Clouds and sun this morning. Cloudy this afternoon with showers and maybe even a rumble of thunder south of Route 20. Highs in the mid 50's to mid 60's.

Tonight: Rain. Low near 40.


Buried in this morning's edition of the Observer-Dispatch, overpowered by the headlines on articles about the Train Derailment in Oneida, the New Hartford School Vote and a story about businesses that had broken the no-smoking ban, is the following - which we might find more interesting!

  • A flood watch is in effect for Herkimer and Oneida counties due a combination of melting snow and periods of rain, according to the National Weather Service.
  • Warm temperatures for the next few days will continue to melt snow and break up ice on rivers and streams. Rain is expected to begin after noon today and may continue periodically through Friday.
  • Flooding due to ice jams is the primary threat through tonight. The chance of other flooding will increase tonight and Thursday as snow melts and rain continues. Heavy rains, in excess of one inch, could cause minor flooding Thursday, according to the weather service.

Every time I drive through Hamilton, I look at what used to be a ski slope. I think it cost $2.00 for an afternoon pass!

Toggenburg and Greek Peak and Woods Valley may begin to feel the effects of this warmer weather, but Gore Mountain has 8 lifts operating and 69 trails open. For ski conditions at all of the NY Ski Slopes, click here!

A better - professional, stock - photograph of Mergansers. The ones I saw were on the Chenango Canal next to a bridge about half-a-mile south of Mosher's Farm Stand on Rt. 26. The males all took flight, but the females just kept on paddling!

Tuesday, March 13, 2007

52.5 degrees!

Cali Hudson knew it even before Tom said it:

Real Spring mud puddles formed on Babbott Avenue,

West Bacon Street and every other roadway in the village,

and right on cue, geese headed North!

I did go down to Norwich, today, and had a fine time shopping at McLaughlin's! I saw no sign of any flooding along the way - there is still a great deal of ice on streams and ponds.

A group of shiney black and white mergansers were enjoying on open spon on the Canal north of Hamilton.


Signs of the Season.

Tuesday morning

35.2 degrees and climbing!

The wild turkeys were out, yesterday, and the "Toms" - tail feathers fanned and gleaming in the sun - were strutting their stuff! Boldly showing off for the ladies, they apparently object, however, to being admired by boxy white Subarus or to having their pictures taken. This photograph - courtesy the National Geographic.

Most news has to do with the Train Derailment and Explosion that took place north of the city of Oneida, yesterday morning.

Despite the above-freezing temperatures and obvious melting that's followed, "Big Creek" is not really roaring, yet. Residents near Herkimer worry about flooding as, I imagine, do those south of Waterville toward Hamilton, Sherburne and Norwich.


I apologise for not having typed the Forge Hollow articles, yesterday -- it turned out to be a fine day (too fine to stay inside!) and I found myself drawn to New Hartford to go shopping!

Goodness: how I miss McLaughlin's!

There is still one McLaughlin's store open (at least it was a year ago) - in Norwich - and a Spring Day outing in that direction would also answer the question of flooding, wouldn't it?

Afternoon report to follow!

Monday, March 12, 2007

Monday morning

It's Garbage Day!

19.6 degrees and aiming upwards:

Today: Partly sunny. High: 45

Tonight: Mostly cloudy. Low 28

Tuesday: Mostly cloudy with a chance of showers. High: 48 Low: 32

Woodman Pond, outside of Hamilton, is still covered with ice.

There is lots of open water in the Oriskany, north of Lyon's Mills, but this pair of Canada Geese seem to enjoy strolling on the ice.

Closer to Oriskany Falls, I slowed down at a favorite fishing spot and thought: "Only three weeks 'til Trout Season!"

Day-before-yesterday Katie Peck wrote: "My Mom ALWAYS called it 'Daniel's Nose!' " and recalled reading the name Daniel on the plaque at the corner of route 315 and Gridley-Paige Road.

Yesterday she climbed over and through the snow to read the plaque and wrote: "The first forge was erected here in 1801. To manufacture iron from Ore. Sherman Daniels and son Charles ran a forge foundry and trip hammer shop here about 1850. They collected large quantities of scrap steel which they reduced into what was known as a loop. These loops were sold to the Remingtons in Ilion and were used to make gun barrels ."

"I suspect the curve was named for the Daniels, but I'll leave that up to history as it will be truly difficult to be sure when so many of us have heard so many different names BUT that's what makes folklore so exciting, interesting and intriging! I love it!"

Thanks loads, Katie!

I've found a couple of articles about the Forge and commemorative plaque in "Echoes of Forge Hollow," by Dorothy McConnell and - later today - will copy them for all of you to read.

Sunday, March 11, 2007

Sleepy Sunday!

Did you remember?
Yes: I did, too, but that didn't make me wake up any earlier!

It's 33 degrees; just a tiny bit of new snow, and
WKTV's forecast is

******** GRAND! ********

Morning clouds giving way to some afternoon sun.
High: 38

Monday: Partly sunny.
High: 45

Tuesday: Mostly cloudy with a chance of showers.
High: 48


I think that calls for a celebration and, having been given a sampling of "Roc's"
latest creation, I intend to go back to Dairy Creme for another


It's like sinking into a smooth sea of minty satisfaction
and suggest that others avail themselves of the experience!

(A definition of "Blarney" - Blandishment, or something
that tends to coax or cajole.
So: my recommendation may be "blarney,"
but the Shake really IS GOOD!)


We who live around Waterville have all seen this "Footloose" poster, but we may not have taken a good, close look.

Yes: those really are "our" guys!
Left to right: Joey Staskowski, Luke Olmstead, Alex Mowrey, Elliot Townsend and Tyler Smith.

For more about "Footloose," click here!


While I search for some current news, here are some excerpts from this past week's "In Timely Manner" from the Waterville Times -

"When the small gathering who had been inside the bank building watching the auction on the 14th emerged. they saw all of the new Victorian lamps glowing - and that was a grand sight - and realized that the Rotary Clock next to the Bank building was, apparently, setting itself. (An operation which, we’re told, is accomplished through the use of “radio signals.”) Although the lamps were all turned off following what seemed to be a successful test, the clock has continued to run. HOWEVER .... there is another problem: the time indicated by that fine-looking instrument does not coincide with that shown on any other timepieces. It is either an hour and a few minutes slow or - possibly - not quite eleven hours fast. It has been suggested - by a very practical villager - that if the clock cannot aligned to the Eastern Time Zone, that “Waterville Time” be assumed by the village!

Other topics of interest - aside from the weather in general - one Springtime Sign in particular --- potholes are appearing! (NOT in the new highway, we’re happy to note!) Drivers on Stafford Avenue are learning when to hug the curb and when not, and the same on White Street. On Madison street, however, anyone coming into town - Eastbound - will have no options other than to either slow down or do rattling damage your vehicle and self!

Even airline travel has been particularly “bumpy,” lately, as some villagers have told us. Not “bumpy” as in that caused by turbulence, but recent nationwide delays due to more incidents of “inclemency” that have grounded flights and left travelers stranded far from home. The Fred McLeans of Stafford Avenue, along with their daughter and her husband and little girl, were one such party. Returning to Waterville after a delightful vacation in Las Vegas (complete with a helicopter tour of the Grand Canyon) they were five of two-thousand passengers who found themselves stuck for two days at Midway Airport in Chicago!

Similarly, Terry Keyes of Buell Avenue, her children Kristen and Tyler and her sister - tanned and happy after a week’s cruise on the Western Caribbean - found their high spirits flagging during a two-day stay at the airport in Houston. The writer has had the opportunity to see many of the photographs taken during their trip and just looking at the lovely, sunny sights seems to dispel images of the less-than-optimum conditions that followed and they are surely all looking forward to doing it all over again!

Excitement is building, as it does every year at this time - this is the week to see the High school Music Department’s production of “Footloose!” (Look for posters and an ad with the specifics.) What to look forward to in particular? Memorable songs, exciting dance numbers, and - as always - amazing sets and dazzling lighting effects!

On a more serious topic: a great many villagers and residents of this entire “Route 20” area who lave lost spouses and other very special loved ones have sought comfort and advice at Hospice Bereavement group meetings. Until now, they have had to drive to New Hartford, but - starting on March 20th - just such a bereavement group will take place here in Waterville. The series of meetings will run for six weeks and will take place at the Waterville Public Library on Tuesday afternoons. Watch for details in the Waterville Times, in church bulletins and also on the Library Web site at and thank Mrs. Bev Gibbons, Fr. Tom Servatius, Mr. Mark Bentz and Mr. Jeff Reynolds for making this special arrangement with Hospice possible.


More later on.