Monday, December 31, 2007


Garbage Day!

It's 30 degrees and the plows are out!!!

It snowed!

The depth, on my front porch and railings, seems to be about 6",

and looking upward into trees everything's turned to lace!

  • Monday: Cloudy with light snow. Total snowfall accumulations between 4-7". High: 32
  • Monday night: Mostly cloudy. Low: 26
  • Tuesday: Cloudy with snow. Moderate accumulations possible. High: 32, Low: 17
  • Wednesday: Much colder with a chance for lake effect snow squalls. High: 17, Low: -1


It was chilly, yesterday morning, and pigeons fought for space atop the tower at SouthGate Ministries - the old Presbyterian Church on Main Street - where there must be a warm spot!

I swung through Bouckville, later in the day.

Some of the shops were open, but I didn't see any signs of touristy shoppers.

The pond at Lyons' Mills looked as if there should be skaters!

Barb McNamara sent me this picture of her Grand-puppy. "My daughter Rachel brought her home from Miami to spend Christmas with us. Her name is Lucy and she is an 8month old Havenese. She may be tiny but not a bit afraid of the deeper snow she experienced when she first got here. Definetly a lot of fun to watch." I hope she still here to enjoy the snow, this morning!


First Garbage, then more pix!

Have a Great Day!