Monday, December 24, 2007

Christmas Eve

Yesterday's rain did it: the snow's all but gone and fields are nearly bare.

The alpaca at Rancho Cerritos had a skating rink in their front yard ..........

.......... but villagers were out and around, everywhere. These two - Debby Camp and friend -
weren't just plodding; they were running!

Lights were being hung on a Sanger Avenue tree and, at dusk, they were lovely!

The village - snowless, but lamplit - seemed to be rolling up the sidewalks at 5:00.

But on Putnam Street, the Barneys' and ....

...the Verdons' glowed! If you were to take an evening ride around the community, you might agree that at least eighty - nearly ninety - percent of the residences have some sort of Seasonal Illumination!

"Henny Penny, the Sky is Falling!"

Again. There was a small crisis at St. Bernard's Church, early in the day, when some more pieces of ornamental stonework fell from high on the towers of the building.

Louis C. Langone had his camera in hand and sent these photographs of Fr. Tom consulting with riggers and the lift that carried experts to the tower to assess damage and/or risk.

All must have been well, for, at a few minutes before 4 o'clock yesterday afternoon, Doug Plourde opened the door to show me that the sanctuary was, indeed, full.


And now, to all of you ....

(click image)

You probably know how much Dick loved putting "friendship candles" in all of our windows - house AND barn - and so, with him in mind, I drew this picture of the House in the Hollow as a "Thank You" to All of our Grand Friends who have been so good to me this past year. God Bless you All!

And may you have a Bright and Happy Christmas!